My 2016 in Review

I did not write a list of goals for 2016 last year (2015). I only have one plan back then, to recuperate myself from all the wounds I got after being battered by problems which are the results of my wrong decisions. Perhaps, it was what they call the quarter life crisis. I was 25. … More My 2016 in Review

On forgiveness

Note: Almost two years ago, I wrote this letter in my Facebook account. I was in pain while I did so. I thought I would never ever forget and forgive the persons involved but eventually time healed all wounds. I don’t know if she or he (my ex) ever had the chance to read this, … More On forgiveness

The Wrong Girl

I was the wrong girl Who broke your heart whom you thought you would marry but I was so selfish enough to leave you I’d be the girl you’d tell your wife And the girl you’d tell your kids “I almost ended up with the wrong girl” Yes, I was the wrong girl who left … More The Wrong Girl