“I broke myself while fixing him.” “A wise person once told me to be careful while helping a broken person , for you may cut yourself with their shattered.”

Down the Rabbit Hole or Up the Mountain

I was talking with one of my good friends over the phone the other day. So surprised was she to know that I just moved to another school. “To where?” she asked. “To… Continue reading

Flash Fiction 2: Envy

“Truth is I did all my best to outrun you. Now I’m ahead of you. I got my M.A degree and will be taking my Ph D. I can’t believe you’ve been lax… Continue reading

Para sa mga Nang-iwan

Ang sakit sakit naman makinig ng radyo lalo na kapag ang naririnig ko ay mga break up songs.Halos lahat ata ay patama sa nang-iwan. Halos lahat nasa perspective ng iniwan. Para bang lahat… Continue reading

The Arrow wit the Heart Pierced Right Through It

Photo is from Twitter There was an arrow who was getting tired of his pointy life. Until one day, he woke up feeling heavier than usual. He woke up with a heart pierced… Continue reading


Dear Blog, Thank you for keeping me sane when I feel so pressured and depressed. Thank for always being the one who always listen. You know I ain’t the type of person who… Continue reading

10 Facebook posts that make me wanna quit using it (or I’m just being bitter)

1.The gandang-ganda sa sarili posts. Coming from different persons that’s normal. Coming from one person that’s GGSS! 2.Selfie overLORDS. Too much of something is bad enough!…Are we playing spot the difference here? 3.The… Continue reading


It is during our darkest moment that we must focus to see the light. -Albus Dumbledor Lights always fascinates me. Though they are most love during dark as they glow,they are also beautiful… Continue reading


Kasi po nahihiya na po akong magpapaalalaa na may hiniram kayo na lampas isang taon na. Naawa na rin po ako sa sarili ko na tuwing umaasa sa sinabi nyo na sa sweldo… Continue reading

What to do in 2015 (instead of getting married)

I’ll be turning 25 this year and no, I am not yet getting married. There are better things to do than tying a knot when I know in myself that I and my… Continue reading

My problem that all singles will understand

This holiday season, I subjected myself to house arrest to avoid expenditures but after that two-week long holiday I found myself almost penniless. My salary, including my bonuses, all went to their rightful… Continue reading