Street Lamp

It is during our darkest moment that we must focus to see the light.

-Albus Dumbledor

Lights always fascinates me. Though they are most love during dark as they glow,they are also beautiful in the morning as they shine with their shapes and forms.

Street Lamp
                     Street Lamp


Kasi po nahihiya na po akong magpapaalalaa na may hiniram kayo na lampas isang taon na. Naawa na rin po ako sa sarili ko na tuwing umaasa sa sinabi nyo na sa sweld magbabayad na kayo, pero lumampas na po ang swelduhan at sinabi nyo na sa susunod na sweldo. NAulit po iyon nang naulit. Di po nauubos ang araw ng sweldo. Baka po umasa po ako ng forever n’yan, h wala namang forever.

Kasi po nung kinulit nyo ako na manghihiram kayo ay ako po ay nagbigay naman na walang ibang sinabi na “Eto lang po kaya ko ipahiram.”, pero nung ako ay naningil, ako po ay sinabihan nyo na “Hindi nakakaintindi.”

Kasi po kailangan ko na ng pambili ng gamot, pero ako pa rin po ang hidi nakakaintindi.

Pasensya na po.

What to do in 2015 (instead of getting married)

I’ll be turning 25 this year and no, I am not yet getting married. There are better things to do than tying a knot when I know in myself that I and my partner is not yet ready financially, emotionally and mentally. But though I’m dreaming of seeing myself walking the aisle in white gown in a church bursting with flowers with (*insert his name here) waiting at the altar, I don’t see it coming so soon. Getting married is a big thing. You have to be geared up before you swim in it. You have to chase all your dreams first, feel complete,  before you can be able to share yourself with your partner. And since I notice that I am going away with my main topic here, let me steer back to my purpose.

So yeah,before that big day comes, I think I’d busy myself with things that I have been wishing to do ever since I learned what dreaming is, so when I get married I’ll have no regrets and i won’t blame marriage for hampering me from chasing my dreams.

Here’s my to do list for 2015!!!!(*insert drum roll here)

1.Travel outside Puerto with Marsh even in just a day (since longer than that is hardly possible)

2.Practice my photograph skills

3.Finish my thesis! And graduate!

4. Start business and get serious about it

5. Read a lot of books

6.Invest or Save or have a hundred thousand before the end ofthe year

7.Write more often

Here are my resolutions!!!((*insert anothere drum roll here)

1.No more petty arguments with Marsh

2.Be patient and be more understanding abut everything

3.Drink more water

4.Eat less carbs and salty food

4.Dress more properly ..What I mean I’ll try to wear fancy clothes and not restrain myself from T-shirt and pants…I’ll dress according to my age too

5. Sleep more

6.Be more conscious of my physical appearance (but not to the point of being vain)

I made a poster that I put on my wall to make sure I am reminded of these resolutions and goals.

New Year's Resolution

My problem that all singles will understand

This holiday season, I subjected myself to house arrest to avoid expenditures but after that two-week long holiday I found myself almost penniless. My salary, including my bonuses, all went to their rightful place (or I was just coaxing myself to think that way). I didn’t buy much and the only present I gave to myself is that 1,500 worth of hair rebond. The rest went to shopping for my  goddaughters and godsons, my mom’s hands (for the noche buena and media noche),my sister Rhea for her allowance(she’s in college and I am in charge of her allowance) and  and my siblings’ gifts. I placed a few in my savings and partially paid  my debts. There is a total amount of 2,000 pesos left( and I am really ashamed to tell that but that’s the truth)  for me to spend until the 22nd day of January – my salary day –   comes! How on earth am I going to budget that? Yesterday, someone texted me and asked if she could borrow money. Of course, I told her the truth – that I do not have extra money, that I only have 2,000 in my wallet, that that could not be enough if sudden expenditure comes. She did not believe me though.Who will anyway? I am single. I supposed to have more than enough. I believe that’s the problem when you are single.People think you have more than enough because you don’t have children to raise. People will keep on asking you for financial help – whether that is for loan or “hingi”. When you can not grant them help, they’ll raise an eyebrow and think you’re stingy or even worse is you’re spendthrift.It sucks when someone accused you of being a spendthrift when all you trying to do is save. Even my family won’t even believe me whenever I complain how fast the money comes and goes as if they are not aware that I also spend more than a hundred a day for transportation and food as I work, that a life of a teacher requires spending a part of your salary for the sake of teaching and learning, that I am sending my sister to college, that I am religiously giving them my own share to our household expense and that I want to save too. Here’s what I actually learn from it:First,that when you’re single your earnings is not only for yourself. Second, no one would believe you when you told them you run out of cash.

Sino ako?

Sino nga ba ako sa paningin ng ibang tao?..Hindi ko alam.

Parang blankong libro na walang nakasulat kaya ni minsan walang nagtangkang buksan ang aking saloobin.

Parang ulan na hahanapin kapag naiinitan.

O isang manikang paglalaruan.

Minsan masaya na lang siguro maging mag-isa. Hindi inaalala kung sino ako,sa paningin nila. Baka sakali pang maging tunay na masaya.

Kasi ako ay ako.

Di lang ako anak ng magulang ko o kapatid ng mga kapatid ko.

Hindi lang ako ung guro na mukhang hindi napapagod at mahaba ang pasensya.

Hindi din lang naman ako girlfriend ni ano.

Di yung tinatakbuhan ng kaibigan para hingan ng payo o tulong

Ako lang ako.

Nasasaktan. Napapagod. Naguguluhan.

Kailangan ko din ng pagtanggap ng buong-buo.

Ng suporta at magbibigay ng lakas ng loob.

Ako ay ako.

Gusto kung magpakatoto.

At sa akin sana gano’n di kayo.

So busy me!!

Hello blogosphere!

I have been missing in action lately. I’ve been doing so many things that I almost forgot to do one of the things i love doing. Obviously, that is blogging!!

I promise to write more often than not when I figured out how to balance everything in my life. Meanwhile,here are the things that are keeping me busy:

1. Thinking how to get rich.

I’m twenty-four and I wanted to get rich!! What’s wrong with that? I mean, who doesn’t want anyway? I’ve been thinking of entering into ticketing and loading business or a printing shop. I also been planning to invest in funds BDOs equity fund. I have been reading the blog of Frustrated Billionaire about investing( and I am learning a lot. The problem is I still do not have the risk-taker attitude. Encourage me please!

2. Encampment.

I am the adviser of the Girl Scouts in our school and hell yeah it is so tedious! Just planning the encampment is so mind boggling and physically demanding. Next year I want it out of my responsibilities. Or maybe not? I am enjoying it anyway.

3. Newsletter.

I am the campus paper adviser of our school and I don’t mind reminding my writers of their deadlines and editing their works. I enjoy seeing them improving.


This is ruining my life. I swear!! I want facebook out of my life but always I feel like I cant just get enough of it.


My Mahal is eating most of my time. OMG! And I cant just say no to him. That’s how much I love him.

Teacher’s Desk 101: Katotohanan at Opinyon

Aralin sa Katotohanan at Opinyon kasama ang Grade 8A
Ako: Sabihin kung ang aking pahayag ay katotohanan o opinyon. “Ang isang araw ay binubuo ng 24 oras.”

Sila: Katotohanan!!!

Ako: Si Anne Curtis ay maganda.

Sila: Opinyon

Ako: (pabiro)Si Ma’am Irene ay mas maganda kay Anne Curtis.

Sila: Chismis!..(sabay hagikgikan)

Ako: (Kunwari galit) Pakiulit?

Sila: Kasinungalingan

Ako: Ah ganun.MInus 5 kayong lahat.Ulitin natin,”Si Ma’am Irene ay mas maganda kay Anne Curtis.”


Ang kulit-kulit talaga nila..:))

It’s my first time to receive a bribe for a grade

So she came in the public high school where I am now teaching. She’s in jeans and plain shirt. I recognized immediately that she was my student in a private college where I used to teach.

I assumed she would be complying  her deficiency in my subject so she can have her grade.

In her hands were a completion form and a bill – Philippine peso bill. She handed it to me. I gave it back to her, then signed her completion form with a grade of 70. Whether she gave it to the registrar or not, that I could not answer.

I felt insulted, but I could not blamed her. I knew too well that she learned it from another teacher.