Goodbye Means Hello

No one in this world can stop time
‘Cause time flies: it changes every hour, minute and second
A change of time is a change of everything
Nothing is constant, as they say, except change

To a butterfly change is saying goodbye to her cocoon
That has kept her warm for days
Yet saying hello to the flowers
That would provide her nectar as food

To a maple its bidding goodbye
To his red and orange leaves
Which made him alluring to people
And saying hello to green springing leaves

To a traveler, its an au revoir to his hometown
Where good memories are built
And saying bonjour to new adventures
That was in store for him

To a graduate it means farewell
To all good friends, teachers and alma mater
And greeting new friends with “Hello!
I know it will be nice working with you!”

To a birthday girl, turning 20
It’s parting time with her dolls
To world of play and worry-free world
To face a more serious situations

To a lover, sometimes, it’s an exit from a relation
That would never last for forever
But saying hello to a new wiser self
Searching for his better half

Goodbyes and hellos go with change
Farewell might mean sadness
But it also means new chance to say
“it’s a wonderful grim word after all.”


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