How To Ride a Bike

” Do not look down. Look towards where you are heading for.”

This was the only instruction my father gave me when I was just learning to ride a bike. I did not follow him when he told me to do that. Instead, I looked at the handlebars and wheels, afraid that  I may lost my grip and that my wheels might trip to a rock which might,on the other hand, caused me to stumble.  This stubbornness of mine left two scars left forever in my knee as a prize. Well, I didn’t care about those. That was when I was young. Those were marks of my intrepidity for me as a kid. Now, I have grown a bit, it makes me regret a little and think that  if only I had followed my father, I should have not gotten those scars and I can wear any dress I want to like shorts or skirts, without worry that people might stare at those.

“Look towards where you are heading for”


After getting my scars,I tried to follow my father’s instruction. I kept my eyes to where I would want to go.I pushed myself along with my feet. We moved forward-my bike and I. And before I knew it, I was in the spot that I wanted to reach.

“Look towards where you are heading for”


Just years ago, I didn’t know that riding a bike would be so similar with life itself.

“Look towards where you are heading for”


Now,those words of my father are same words that guides me in reaching my goal. Indeed, I have to keep my eyes on my goals if I want to reach it. I stumbled and fell but because I have my eyes and my heart on my destination, there’s is nothing that could stop me.

“Look towards where you are heading for”


To those who are just learning how to ride a bike,take that simple advice. After, you follow that advice, maybe you can also keep these following reminders in your head…

then keep your balance…In life, balance your dream and reality. Do not forget other important things as you reach your goal. Enjoy life as you ride. Do not set aside love, family and GOD as you pedal your way to your dream,for without those there’s no way you can reach your goal.

…look back…after you made it to your destination or even if you don’t…How would you know how much you have made if you won’t look back?Even how little the distance you have traveled, it is important you took notice of your improvement. Celebrate on that!

…trust yourself...Trust that you can make it and you’ll make it! A positive attitude can always make the gloomy road a little brighter.

…put your safety gears...Your values and your determination would be your safety gears. Have your values in tact as you reach your dreams. There are people who would forget their good old self just to make their way to their aim. Making themselves end up successful but unfulfilled because they have no others to celebrate with him on his success. You don’t want to end up like that,do you?

Determination is also a gear. On your way you may fall and some people are bad enough to distract or hurt o stop you but when you are determined, there is nothing that can put you into a halt.



That’s all I can say. Perhaps, if you need more advice and think that is not enough, you can asked advice from other bikers. Enjoy your ride! Go for your goal!God Bless us all!


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