Write Me a Fairy Tale

I can’t remember when it all started but I know that, since the very first time I saw him (on big screen), he has became my greatest crush ever – Peter Pan. Yes, he was the boy who lived in Neverland and never grew old. He was the one who beat Captain Hook, was able to befriend Tiger Lily. He is the leader of the Lost Boys, who, on the other hand, have chosen Wendy as their mother. Speaking of Wendy, I wished to be her the same day I fell in love with Peter and because of that, I had always kept my needles ready, just in case he dropped by my room searching for his shadow. I, too, had kept my windows a little bit open so he would be able to enter my room when he dropped by. I had practiced how to greet Tinker Bell so she would be nice to me. Also, I had made myself ready to fly so if he were for real (and dogs could really fly) I could too.

Thousand nights had passed. I have grown older but Peter never did come to my room. Schoolwork had eaten up most of my time. The thought of flying had escaped my mind. I stopped letting my window unlocked. I stopped believing in fairies and in returned my fairies stopped believing in me.

Until, one day, I met him. Yes, Peter Pan. He was introduced to me by a friend. His name wasn’t Peter. He didn’t come from the Neverland. He didn’t have round eyes like the Peter Pan in the movies for his eyes were slant and small. He could not fly but when our eyes met I felt as though fairies sprinkled pixie dusts inside my shoes and I began to float. I felt that magical feeling in the movies, only I did not hear cheers and echoes saying, “You can fly! You can fly!”When he spoke, I felt something stung my feet like when your funny bone on your elbow hit the classroom chair or when you have sit on your leg for too long. When he smiled, I felt lighter, ready to fly, but I was able to keep my feet anchored to the ground.

As time passed, from being just acquainted to each other, we became friends. His friends became my friends just like the way Wendy became close to the Lost Boys. Only, if Wendy became the Lost Boy’s mother, I became their “ate” (have I mentioned, I was two years older than him?). He taught me how to face my fears – ghost most especially. I can still clearly remember the day we fought the ghosts in the Haunted house. He bravely faced them and kept them away from me (although, there were really no ghosts at all, they were just in my mind). He really was Peter Pan!

I kept what I was feeling for him and it got deeper every time I’m with him. Until, one night, while we were in a party, he was with the Lost boys and other friends, I was with my friends too.,I looked at him and waved my hands. He waved back wearing his most beautiful smile ever. Something was strange about him that night. I thought, he was probably just too handsome that evening or maybe I was just too happy to see him for I hadn’t seen him for awhile. He came near to me, I felt afloat again. He held my hand. I was swooned… I was going to fly! This was the same feeling the first time I met him but this time, I thought, I wouldn’t put myself into a halt. I gave it one huge leap of faith, and I drifted into the endless starry sky. The first star I saw shone brighter and brighter and bigger and bigger. And for the first time ever, like the cow in the nursery rhyme, I finally understood how it felt to jump over the moon.

I didn’t stay for long there though. Next thing I knew I swooped…swooshed… pulled hard into earth. Down down down down down.

It was a seemingly endless fall. How high had I really been? I do not know. But I was going down down down.

Down down down. I couldn’t have crashed harder. The moment I hit the ground I felt myself shattered. And the pixie dusts fell over the place.

I collected the pixie dusts and put them on my pocket. I had the rights to cry but I did not. I didn’t want him to see me crying. He had known me as the happy girl. When he turned his back and ran back to a girl, I fathomed that it takes more pixie dusts to fly. Although, I was crying, I was happy for him. For he had found the girl you had dreamt of. Yes, I was sad but this was probably the way how our story should end for Peter Pan and Wendy never really did end happily together.


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