(This is a short story I wrote in my creative writing class during my second year college. The first line was provided by my Professor and each one in the class was obliged to write a story using it. There was a time limit. I was lucky enough to wrote a complete story before the … More Expectations

Why Many Teens Love PBB Teens 4’s Myrtle Sarrosa

Even before Myrtle was announced as an official PBB Teen Housemate, teenagers had been so excited with the possibility that she  might enter Kuya’s famous house. My students, for example, were posting pictures of her in their Facebook wall with caption saying how they would like to watch the “cutie cosplayer”  inside the PBB house. … More Why Many Teens Love PBB Teens 4’s Myrtle Sarrosa

Giving Wholeheartedly

I was browsing the youtube looking for a video clip that would help me further explain one of the poems we would be discussing in my English-American Literature Class when I eventually coincidentally made myself arrived in one of my favorite advertisement when I was a kid – the Fita advertisement. It’s a biscuit advertisement. … More Giving Wholeheartedly