22 Lessons on Life

(Last May 17 was my 22nd  birthday. As part of my annual practice of making  a list which usuaslly sums up to the number the same with my age, I decided to make a list about what the title of this post is shouting. )

Whenever I write about life I often use the phrase “ we live to learn so we may learn to live”. The phrase may sound antithetical but it is true. It means at first, when we were young, we live life trying everything, going to school and even  committing mistake so to learn. As we grow old the learnings we have, we use them not simply to exist and survive but to live. At his age – 22 – I believe I am still in the phase of “living to learn”.

Learning my age as you read this article might make you raise an eyebrow. You’re probably thinking now who am I am to teach you about life since you have more experience than I. You see, Life has been good to me compared to others who have face problems worse than I have faced, but life has also been harsh to me if you compare it to others who have almost all they wanted. Both situations has given me seeds of wisdom implanted in my mind and heart. These seeds of wisdom are what I would like to share. Take note, just share and not preach.

  1. Happiness is the key to success but success is not often the key to happiness.
  2. It is always not TO SEE IS TO BELIEVE, ‘cause usually it is TO BELIEVE IS TO SEE.
  3. There will always be someone better than you and someone worse than you but it doesn’t mean that you should stop in bringing out the best in you in everything you do. Doing your best will make no room for regrets and what ifs.
  4. Problems make you stronger, only if you are able to overcome it.
  5. When God closes door He opens window but on occasion both are close. It is in this time that He wants to see you exerting effort.
  6. The sweetest revenge is not by hurting those who have hurt you but by making them regret what they did.
  7. It’s good to have options, but at times it only makes things harder. Also, options sometimes  make you go back to the past over and over again—especially when you feel you make the wrong choice—thinking it could have been better if you choose the other one. Having options leads to regret at times.
  8. Life is colorful. Never forget it includes gray.
  9. Less talk. Less mistake but it doesn’t necessarily mean that you have to keep quiet all the time. It is not a mistake to express what you feel and think.
  10. Birds of the same flock together. Flying with the same birds make you feel belongingness and mutuality but flying with different birds which is gives you adventure and new visions.
  11. Look up when you are down,but never look down when you are up.Look back
  12. All people have their positive and negative side, but the two sides are not always equal.
  13. Your imperfections make you a perfect human.
  14. Dreams are elusive but they are achievable, you just have to exert effort big time.
  15. The world is not a mirror. It is not always true that when you smile the world smiles at you. There are people who, however you treat them nicely, will hurt and abuse your kindness. Smile, anyway. It make your heart lighter.
  16. Everything under the sun has its season. Never be confident with what you have. You might lose it but don’t worry just like the seasons which come in cycle, you can have it again but not always in the same package.
  17. Expect the unexpected, but do not always expect. Just hope.
  18. Nothing is permanent in life, even friends they may say goodbye to you, yet think it is not the end. There are many ways to keep in touch. We live in a high-tech world!
  19. Love is an emotion, but to make that emotion stay or vanish is a decision. So therefore, life is both an emotion and a decision.
  20. Older people always think they know better. In some situation it is true. In some, it is not.
  21. Keep your feet grounded so no one would notice when you fall.
  22. You cannot please everyone so don’t try. Please God above all.

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