On Pleasing Yourself

Months ago, I had a conversation with a woman whose age is almost thrice as my age(perhaps, she is 50+) and other women whose ages are between 30 and 40. All of us were professionals. I was the youngest at the age of 21. The woman who is 50, trying to impress the rest of  us,as she always would, said that she would always do whatever she wanted to do and would always get whatever she wanted  to get. She added that she didn’t need to please others and that all she needed was pleased herself.This woman is highly regarded for her intelligence and so others nodded and as she said those words – believing her without even comprehending what she was saying. At the back of my mind, as I listen to all hers stories of triumphs and successes, I told myself that she was indeed an intelligent woman ’cause a wise woman would say that she didn’t need to please everyone but only God.

Being wise is far more better than being intelligent. 🙂


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