The Past and the Future

I was asked:

If you would be give a chance to have a power, which would you choose?

  1.  The power to see the next 24 hours (or)
  2. The power to go back to the past 24hours
For a moment I was pensive.

Seeing the future is exciting. You get to see what will happen first before even experiencing. You can prepare yourself and the others if you see bad things happening soon. And the best thing about it is you get to avoid those unfortunate events. That is if you can, ‘cause sometimes there is just no way of changing what is foretold by fate.

Thinking about the first choice, I see myself like Alice of Twilight. I would be very useful if I would have that power.

The disadvantage, however, is the loss of excitement. Just think of this, what if my father would surprise me for my birthday but before that happens I already knew he would. That wouldn’t be a surprise anymore isn’t it? I love surprises!!!I wouldn’t want to spoil the fun for myself because of my power.

So, I guess, I would choose the other – the power to rewind the last 24 hours of your life. No other person has that power. Unlike the first one, I would have the fortune tellers ,the card readers or maybe the astrologists as rivals. Not really rivals but in some way my power wouldn’t be so much unique anymore. With this power – I meant of the power to rewind – I would be the only one to possess such. Well, except the Prince of Persia(Yes, I am referring to the character in the book and movie.)

With this power also, I would be able to rewind the happy moments of my life – again and again, as much as I want! I might be also be able to change the bad things I did to someone or alter accidents into nicer events.

However, having he power to rewind the past 24hours might make me an abusive person. Maybe, If I had it I would just keep on doing things without thinking because I knew that if I committed mistake I’d just go over it again and change what I did. God won’t be happy about that. Even, I, myself wouldn’t be happy about that.

In the end, I thought, I would choose “none of the above”.


There is a bliss in being an ordinary person. Like thinking about the mystery of the future and just dreaming what I would like to be someday and setting goals without knowing if I could really achieve them. If I fail, at least I tried and I learned. I don’t have to ruin my plans or delight in dreaming because I saw that I would fail. Besides, having and facing the uncertainties of the future is what makes one’s life a colourful and a magnificent mystery.

And when it comes to “past stuffs”, I guess, it won’t be a problem if I can’t go back to some events in my life. I’ll just cherish every moment of my life. I’ll keep the happy events in my memory so I could feel all over again the happy feelings attached to those. Memory is what makes one’s life special.

With great power comes great responsibility. I have too much responsibility as a daughter,sister and second parent to my students. I guess I don’t need another. What I need now is power nap.


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