Giving Wholeheartedly

I was browsing the youtube looking for a video clip that would help me further explain one of the poems we would be discussing in my English-American Literature Class when I eventually coincidentally made myself arrived in one of my favorite advertisement when I was a kid – the Fita advertisement. It’s a biscuit advertisement. The scene goes like this:

A lad was sitting in a bench and was looking at his red pack of biscuits – Fita. He was about to eat a piece of biscuit when he saw a little girl staring at him. Being nice, he gave the whole piece to the kid. He brought out the last piece with a sigh, saying “Last Fita.”Oh! He definitely loved the biscuit.He was about to eat it when, a hungry-looking old woman then appeared beside him. She was asking for the food. Being nice again,but not giving in his love for Fita, he split the last piece. He gave the half to the old woman and he ate the other half. The old woman then turned to a beautiful fairy. She said, “Because you have a pure heart. I’ll grant you a wish.”

“Sports car!” he abruptly said”Make it red.” And within a blink of an eye a sports car appeared before him. Sounds like a fairy tale, isn’t it? Now, here’s the catch : The sports car was also in half.


Moral: When you give something, give it wholeheartedly because God rewards you according to what you give.


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