My Elusive DepEd Dream

When I was a kid I dreamed of reaching the sky and touching the stars and riding the clouds but I knew in my mind that it would never happen. I knew understood the margin that separates fiction from reality. Though no one told me about that,I just knew. However, I kept on dreaming about those things while thinking someday,somehow,it would happen. But there are really things that no matter how hard you tried to make them happen or how hard you prayed for them,won’t really happen. And so,it became just a dream forever. And my dreams of reaching the sky, touching the stars and riding the clouds were one of them.

Now,I am older, I have a dream. I want to be a public school teacher, not because the salary in public schools are bigger than that of private. It is not also because of the privileges nor health benefits and the likes that a public school teacher may receive. Simply because, I want to teach lesser-privilege children. Some people will not understand me. Way back in college,my teachers even cringed whenever I told them why I wanted to become PUBLIC SCHOOL TEACHER and not just a teacher.

I applied in DepEd in my city last 2010. I got in. I became an *LSB teacher for a year. I did my best to perform my duties. After a year, I was demoted simply because “somebody’s” niece in the DepEd had to be “in” and I was unlucky enough because my “slot” had to be hers.

Among the applicants, I belong to Category A. It means we are given the highest priority to get hired because our credentials exceeds the rest’s. However, sad to say, the ranking or categorizing does not really work; since experiences and stories from other applicants prove me that what matters is a “backer”.

I have read the book ‘The Alchemist” by Paulo Coelho. A king said in that story that if you really wanted something and prayed hard for it,the universe would conspire to help you achieve it, but why was it that the universe was holding and driving me away from my dream.Could it be that something better is in store for me? or God is telling me I am not yet prepared. I don’t know which is which but one thing is for sure, I still want to teach.

LSB teachers are Local School Board teachers who are being hired by the City Government to address  shortage in number of teachers. They receive 6,000 pesos salary in a month from the City Government, but they usually have more jobs than that of regular teachers because culture set it that they should undergo”pahirapan” period before they get hired as national/regular teacher…:-(

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