Why Many Teens Love PBB Teens 4’s Myrtle Sarrosa

Myrtle gail

Even before Myrtle was announced as an official PBB Teen Housemate, teenagers had been so excited with the possibility that she  might enter Kuya’s famous house. My students, for example, were posting pictures of her in their Facebook wall with caption saying how they would like to watch the “cutie cosplayer”  inside the PBB house.

Curiosity made me check who could Myrtle Gail be and liked the Fan Page she had in Facebook. She had 2,000 likers/fans when I did it. Now, she has entered the house the number rose to 195,000 and for sure will going to rise as the show goes on or even after the big night.Also,she has videos now uploaded on youtube, which is continuously accumulating a number of hits. She has also been trending in the Twitter. Many times has she also been saved from eviction because of text votes from supporters.

No one can deny it,that among the four remaining girl teen housemates — Joj and Jai, Karen and Myrtle — the cosplayer from Ilo-ilo has the biggest online and offline support.

But what made Myrtle popular among teens? What magic does she has to charm them? I’ll try to answer the question based on my observations.

Myrtle is a cosplayer and otaku. Most teenager today , if not K-pop fanatic, are anime fanatic. Aside, from being otakus, many of teenagers today would love to do cosplaying if they would be given the chance. Myrtle embodies their dream and they want to be like her, dressing whatever she likes without thinking what other may thinks. Perhaps, some of them would even want to try Myrtle’s colorful costumes.

Aside from being a cosplayer, Myrtle is also a Iskolar ng Bayan and an SK President. This sure adds to admiration of her fans. Just thinking of how she is able to handle studies and SK responsibilities will definitely make you say WOW!

Inside the house, Myrtle has shown how talented she is. She can not only sing but has a good voice. She can dance. She is a constant leader among tasks. And although her housemates think of her as a bossy leader, they still follow what she tells them to do.

The cosplayer housemate has also shown wisdom in facing prejudice from other housemates. No matter what they say against her, she always try to understand and even admitting it is her fault at times.

Some people say that Myrtle is a trying-to-show-everyone-that she-is-perfect girl.Even, I myself thinks she is not being true to herself sometimes, like whenever she said that she is not affected by Yves being with her best friend/girlfriend, yet her face turned gloomy whenever she saw them together and when she said she doesn’t care what is Ryan’s opinions of her but you see her so sad and worried about it.

Myrtle has her shortcomings.( All of the housemates actually have.), but for her fans, her shortcomings are nothing compared to her strengths.And now, that the big night is fast-approaching, we’ll soon see how far can the support of the fans of this Cosplayer brings her. Will she be the next BIG WINNER?

P.S I really think that she’ll be the BIG WINNER.


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