(This is a short story I wrote in my creative writing class during my second year college. The first line was provided by my Professor and each one in the class was obliged to write a story using it. There was a time limit. I was lucky enough to wrote a complete story before the time stopped and here it goes.)

The minute she got home she knew she was in trouble. It’s as if she was going to faint but she had to tell it to her parents anyway. That was the right time; the perfect time to tell it. She wouldn’t want to keep it to herself for a long time. Her parents ought to know about it but the question was “how”. At the back of her mind, she knew that her parents would be agitated after she told them the secret. She knew they it would cause great disappointment to them. Specially, to her father who had lots of plans before her. She walked straight to her room – without even making a glance to her parents, who were sitting in the living room, chatting to each other about politics. Likewise, she did not kiss them, like what she did every time she arrived home. They noticed it- her pale face and pensive look. But they did not make an attempt to ask her why. They knew their child very well; At least, that is what they thought. She had always been honest and open to them, that if ever she got a problem she would tell them. So they waited for they child to come out from her room. However, for long hour she kept herself locked inside it, reminiscing every event that placed her into the inevitable situation she was facing. First was meeting the guy of her dreams. Second, was letting him court her. Third, was committing herself into a relationship with him. Fourth, was giving everything to him-her time, her love, her kisses and touch and herself. And then, bearing the product of the intimate nights she shared with him. And lastly, was finding her self alone to solve the puzzle on her own.

She looked at her pile of books. She had hundreds of it. Then, she looked at her medals and certificates that hanged on her bedroom’s wall, to her trophies, and to her high school graduation picture with her mom and dad. Their faces, in the picture, were beaming with smile. They were standing tall and proud beside their daughter. Her father, one of his hands was holding her onto her shoulder. One was pointing to the medal she wore, saying “VALEDICTORIAN”. She thought then, I will not tell it to them. They won’t know. An idea came into her mind. She stood up. She opened her cabinet and rummaged it. When she couldn’t find what she was looking for, she threw out everything inside it. But it wasn’t there. She stood up. She went to her drawer and did the same. She did not find it there either. Feeling weak and hopeless, she sat down on the floor, ran her fingertips to her head and clutched the bunch of her hair she was able to hold. She cried. Until, she saw a shining thing on the pile of mess on the floor. There it was! The thing she had been looking for – the blade. She picked it up. Stare d at it for a long time. She placed it on her wrist. Then, there was a loud knock on the door. It was her mom. She was shouting, asking her to open the door. She did not seem to hear it. She cut her wrist. Blood splattered on the floor. She fainted. Before she closed her eyes she saw her mother crying as his father cradled her on his arms. She whispered, “I’m sorry”, before she finally closed her eyes.


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