My Bucket List

It’s not like I am about to die ’cause I am certainly not racing against time. I am just simply creating a list of the things I want to achieve and do so as to be able to live my life to the fullest and maximize every moment of my existence. It is also one way of keeping myself in track of my goals and dreams.   It is just like planning ahead.

Though, a bucket list is often associated with someone dying, I see no harm in making it. All of us will die eventually anyway and making a bucket list is simply making my life more goal-oriented, so when I am already in the departure area of the flight that has no turning or going back, I shall have a good flashback of my life and say the trip has been good.

The following are in my bucket(It is not final though and I’m sure I shall have to add more in the future):

  1. Travel around the world with my family. (I particularly like to go to Japan, Korea, Thailand and Europe,  but we are not rich. How is this possible. I do not know the answer yet.)
  2. Write a book(about a topic important to me.) 🙂
  3.  Get published in Youngblood in PDI.
  4. Have my own coluumn in a magazine or newspaper, may it be local or national. (Ambitious?yes, I am)
  5.  Have my own school.
  6. Be a mentor to more than one.
  7. Be involved in humanitarian program i.e building a home, feeding  program
  8. Try more extreme sports. (I’ve tried zipline and rapelling)
  9.  Fly in hot air balloon.
  10. Paint
  11. Learn a Martial Art
  12. Sing one of my favorite songs on stage with audience. (I love singing although more often than not I am out of tune.)
  13. Climb another mountains.(I have climbed Mt. Salakot in my hometown. I want to climb  more mountains. It feels so good to climb a mountain.)
  14. Learn how to play violin
  15. or be better at guitar.
  16. Win a lucky draw.
  17. Live in a different country for at least a month.
  18. Live in my dream home.
  19. Have my own library
  20. Fall in love
  21. and get married. ❤ ❤
  22. Learn baking.
  23. Bake a cake for my parents’ birthdays.
  24.  Touch and see snow.
  25. Experience Autumn
  26. Have a picnic under a cherry blossom in bloom
  27. Conquer my fear of doll.
  28.  Visit a volcano.
  29.  5,000 followers for this blog. hehe!
  30. Ride a roller coaster.
  31. Go on a cruise.
  32. Fly in a helicopter/jet safely
  33. Be involved in costume party or cosplay and dress up the character I want to portray.
  34. 10 million Pesos worth of savings account.(In short,I want to be rich.)
  35. learn how to swim
  36. Swim with the dolphins
  37. Own a car
  38. Then, drive it myself
  39. Be invited as a speaker about worthwhile topic
  40. Go to Disneyland
  41. Wear mascot in a children’s party
  42. Watch musical plays
  43. Watch sky lanterns
  44. Photograph all the charming places I can go and wonderful candid moments I will see
  45. Inspire my students and others
  46. Live a life with God and not be lost

How do you find my bucket list? You see, it is mostly about my biggest goals and dreams, the things I wanna experienced and feel, the stuffs I wanna posses, places I want to go. Some are hard to achieve. Some are not. I’d be happy to be able to do at least do/achieve 3/4 of it but I’d be happier to do all.  What about you?What’s o your bucket list?

“We don’t beat the reaper by living longer. We beat the reaper by living well and living fully. For the reaper is always going to come for all of us. The question is: What do we do between the time we are born, and the time he shows up? Because when he shows up, it’s too late to do all the things that you’re always gonna, kinda get around to.”-Randy Pausch


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