Unlikely Friendship


They say that birds with the same feather flock together. There is also one proverb which says “tell me who your friends are and I will tell you who you are”. If these sayings are true to all, then, you might also say that I and my best friend have never been friends at all.

Obviously, I and she are complete opposites. I am the more responsible type and she is the happy-go-lucky type. Aside from that, we really have a long list of differences. Let me tell you about those.

Let us start with Fashion.

I wear boyish clothes. T-shirts and denim jeans are my best choice when it comes to fashion. She wears really short shorts and girly type of dresses. I am conservative. She wears sleeveless upper garment with plunging neckline. I like comfortable clothes and when I say comfortable it means loose shirt which will make me able to move as freely as possible. She likes skimpy shirts and she is really comfortable wearing them. I don’t buy expensive dresses. Five hundred pesos pants will never appeal to me however beautiful it might be. She, on the other hand, cannot be stopped when she likes a dress. The cost of it doesn’t matter as long as she wants it. I only got three long pants and I bought them on sale. She got several.

School Matter/Study Habits

As I have said, I am the responsible type. She wasn’t and isn’t. When we were in college, she’s always late when passing requirements. More often than not, she would procrastinate; I was also the “studious type”. She was not the type who really cared if she would pass the exam or not. But mind you, she always got a good-enough grade. I was someone who – as much as possible – would not be absent in class no matter how boring the discussion was. I would always pay attention to the lecture. She was also always present but sometimes she never paid attention at all.

Love Matter

I have no boyfriend since birth. She had relationships,

Those are just some of our differences. And may I repeat just “SOME”. However, no matter how different we are we “jive”, just like what a Filipino slang phrase would explain it “click kami,  ang personalidad namin”. We really enjoy each other company. It doesn’t necessarily mean though that our friendship didn’t have its waves and storms. We had, but we conquered them all. It doesn’t also mean that we have a perfect friendship ‘cause honestly there were times that I got pissed off by her – often about her negligence of her duties – and I know she sometimes felt the same way towards me – often about my too seriousness on my responsibilities. But that is what actually cool about our friendship. We make each other lives balance. Like we were in college, when I was too haggard because of school works, she’d take me out anywhere to unwind. On the other hand, when she was being too negligent about school works, I’d remind her about it. Take note, just remind. Although, I sometimes helped her, often she didn’t ask help from me. She was way too independent to do that. She never copied assignment from me also nor copied during quiz. I never offered her to copy my assignment/answer also. I am way too selfish to do that.

I know that people see our friendship like a magnet. I as the positive pole and she, the negative. However, for me, our friendship is like pair of eyes. One eye can still see even the other can not. Like us, one can live and exist even the other is not around. The only drawback when there is only one eye is you don’t get to see the whole view you are looking at. Just like us. When she hadn’t been my best friend, I was so focused with getting high grades and always being on top. I also didn’t care much about my appearance. When I met her, she made me realized that always there would be better or worse than me. She thought me also how to take care of myself, to take a rest and unwind. To be neglectful of everything when having fun because that would not be fun at all if I am thinking of something else. To take life lightly, to be myself, to not care so much about what others might say. You see, I was a self-conscious person before. I always thought what other people might say before acting. I always wanted to meet expectations. But I changed when I met her. Not completely changed though because I know she doesn’t want me to be like her nor she want herself to be like me. We need our differences to make each other’s life balance. Indeed, she is my pair eye. She made me see the whole life. If I hadn’t meet here, I’ll never understand what “friendship” means. Thank You Jackie! I love You!I may not be the best of your friends but for me you are my best friend.



2 thoughts on “Unlikely Friendship

  1. nakaka-relate daw ako sobra. ako i have different set of friends as in may apatan, tatluhan at yung bff na 2. marami sa kanila malayo sa personality ko…like yung barkada ko sa office na apat kami -isa independent liberated, isa naman girly and conservative then isa beks na colorful ang love life. pag magkakasama kami ako laging naiiba kasi ako yung boyish.

    sa akin wala sa background and almost sa personality siguro sa wavelength ng utak nyo kasi minsan kahit parehing-pareho kayo pero hindi kayo magkasundo kasi hindi swak yung outlook nyo, walang bigayan at walang respeto. they know what i like and yung mga limitations ko. but true enough masaya ang may totoong kaibigan.


  2. mas masaya nga na iba ang ugali ng friends, kasi pinapakita nila at pinapaintindi sa ‘iyo ang ibang viewpoint ng buhay,,,,:)

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