If you were a bird
I’d be the wind
As you sing, I’d carry your hymn
As you fly, low or high, I’d be under your wings 
Won’t feel weary and tired as long you’re near
When you get tired be whispering goodnight
And croon you a lullaby until you fall asleep
If you were a boat
I’d be the ocean
Ebbing and flowing and pushing
You to boundaries you never have thought exist
But if one day, you decide to be pushed by the breeze
To horizons where beaches endless
you will flee I know
I would cry but to stop you I’ll dare not try
I you were a star
I’d be the sky
When you’re shy, I’d be like a blanket that covers a child
But if you resolved to show off your light
I’d turn myself jet-black so you glitter and shine
If to other galaxy one day you like to try
Just leave me your stardust and I’ll wait for your coming back
If you were a canvas
I’d be the frame
Covering you against cold and heat
Your shade I would make sure not to fade
And if someday by fate or odds my glass breaks
No remorse I would feel when you go find another frame 
As long as you are sheltered and your tint is safe 
But since you are you
And I am I
I’d be altogether the wind, the ocean, the frame and the sky
If to those efforts I get no heed for  reply
I shall weep till my tears run dry, but never will I get tired
Diversion and loathe to you I won’t feel
Because I live to make you happy, I live to make you free

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