3 mp Camera Sample Pictures

Last month, I was in a venture of finding a phone which picture quality of its camera was good. My phone is so old and our digital camera was not functioning anymore. Since,I had a small budget I really had to search the whole city for a phone with good camera and yet still affordable. I found TORQUE i77 Click. Its camera has 3 mp quality.  wasn’t sure at first if I would buy the phone because I didn’t know whether the phone can really take better pictures and how better it is than VGA phone cameras. I researched in the internet how a picture with 3 mp quality look like but to no avail. I bought the phone anyway since for a little budget I didn’t have any choice. It  was good thing I bought it. I am satisfied with its features and the quality of the pictures are fine for me.

By the way, here are the samples of the pictures I have taken using it.

Default Co. Ltd Default Co. Ltd Default Co. Ltd

Default Co. Ltd

DDefault Co. Ltd D
Default Co. LtdDD


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