Once upon a time, there was me

princess ireneOnce upon a time, there was a girl named Irene. She lived in Kingdom Academia. She wasn’t a princess. She was a commoner. She wasn’t even popular. She was very ordinary, but she was contented living a life like this. Irene loved looking at the stars at night. She smiled a lot. She was carefree. She was always happy. She had lots of friends. She had a dream. That was to serve and help her fellow commoners.

In Kingdom of Academia, everybody were always sent out for a mission after years of training. Those who were under training were called apprentices. Those who were sent out already were called mentors. The apprentices who were lucky and working hard enough would be sent out after four years of training. Every apprentice would excitedly await for the ceremony which was done before “sending out” .  After the ceremony, they would be sent out to different places in the kingdom where they would render service to other people in the community by teaching them about the world.

Irene work hard and work smart to pass the training. Her efforts paid off, when after four years of training , Irene was sent out on a mission. She was so glad. First she was sent in a district of the Kingdom wherein people are trained also for four years. They called it District Colegia. This wasn’t part of her dreams,for her real dream was to serve in a District Secondaria, specifically in a place where she could serve other commoners.When the opportunity to work at District Secondaria came, she grabbed it. Unknown to her, the place that awaited her was a gloomy one. It wasn’t really dark there. However it was a place where the sun shone yet its radiance was never felt.   2653371-681875-

At first, performing what she ought to do was easy.It was her dream anyway. She was oblivious that the place was haunted by evil spirit that lurked in the hearts of everybody. It caused jealousy and pride among the mentors.

Irene did her job gladly. She taught the children of the district with all of her heart. She loved them so much. She loved her co-mentors too, especially the seniors to whom she gave so much respect for they were considered the wisest. However, when too much pride ad jealousy enveloped a human’s heart, even the wisest would bend. The seniors, for reasons Irene could not understand, started to treat our protagonist like she was not a mentor but a chambermaid. They asked her to clean the dishes, washed the blankets,swept the floor, guard the House and other things that were ought to be done by others. She was supposed to wake up the earliest and to sleep latest. She didn’t complain though, but they treated her even meaner, like a wicked sisters to Cinderella.

When Irene composed a song, they took credit for it. When she finished something they said they did it. They passed to her their responsibilities.Eventually,Irene learned to say “NO”, but they started calling her names and cursed her at her back. She was devastated.

Too much pain causes change in a person. Irene forgot to smile. Her lips would curve, but deep inside, her heart was like a shattered glass. She’d cry hard every time  she was alone. She didn’t notice the stars anymore.

One,day,she decided to leave her dream for a while. She packed her bags but unfortunately she brought with her some fragments of the evil spirit.She became to feel jealous of others’ achievements. She felt hatred in her heart. Although such was the case,she kept moving on her journey. The path led her back to District Colegia. There she met a fairy named Cleopatra, who helped her picked up the pieces of her shattered heart. She also met other mentors who were very unlikely of the mentors she had met in District Secondaria. They helped her to little by little came back to herself.

Now, Irene can smile again, look at the stars again and be happy for others again. But she has changed. She is now wiser and she has a plan. She will fight back the evil spirit. She will do it by being an apprentice of a master, so from being a mentor she will also be a master herself. When she becomes a master she will be stronger—mentally, emotionally and physically. She will train hard. She knows very well that the journey back to District Secondaria is tedious,but she knows now better.



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