I don’t have New Year resolutions, just plans

We have just changed the calendars in our walls. While some people are afraid of what this year holds for them,I, on the other hand always feel excited about what’s in store for me. My opinion is if t is something good then i’d be really feel great but if it’s not, at least it’s not yet happening right now and it still uncertain.Alongside with the new year celebration are the resolutions.We hear about it always and we here people saying they failed doing their resolutions.That is why I don’t have one. I can not remember when exactly did I stop listing my new year resolutions but one thing I am sure of that creating one is a waste of time. Instead, I have plans. What’s the difference? Well, resolutions are things you want to change for the better and that is so hard. People change throughout their course in life. It happens gradually not just in just a year just because you want to do so. Plans are what you want to do. They are goals. It isn’t about change. It is about possibilities. If a plan happened, it is called achievement. If it didn’t happen, it is failure but there are what we call a chance and a better plan. On the other hand, if resolutions didn’t happen it is also called failure and there is another chance too.However, you can not have a better resolution for you can’t have a better one if the you can not even do a simple one.

I am not suggesting that we should not have resolution. It is good to have a list of things you will change in yourself to become a better person. However, if you are like me who always fail doing their resolution then like me, just abandon the idea.:)

HAPPY NEW YEAR EVERYONE!!!!May the odds of 2013 be ever in your favor!!God Bless!!


9 thoughts on “I don’t have New Year resolutions, just plans

  1. Hi Irene! Same as you, I don’t believe in resolutions as well. Because if you really wanted to change, you can do it just immediately..only if you have the mindset to do it. Tama yan, just have plans. 🙂 Plans na dapat gain ha! Haha.

    Ikaw yung nasa picture above? Cute! 🙂

      1. Uy I’m only 20. 21 ka diba? You’re a year older. Hahah. So..don’t say po’s and opo’s. Hahahah. 😛

  2. hindi rin uso sa akin ang new year resolution. para kasing sa dami ng to do list ko at weekly or monthly plans. alam ko na dapat yung dapat baguhin. hehehe

    mabuhay sa iyong 2013!

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