The day I almost lost my dream

Thursday afternoon, while I was in my class, I received a call from an unregistered number in my phone. Not wanting my class too be disturbed since we were really having great discussion I decided to ignore it. However, the phone kept on vibrating (since it was in silent mode) so,I decided to answer it and walked outside the room. A voice of an old woman greeted me. I greeted back and asked her why she called. She told me if I was applying as a teacher in *DepED . I answered “yes”. She introduced herself as Mrs. Badilla, a school principal. She then asked me if I would like the idea of being assigned in Irawan, a place quite far from downtown with no big buildings but trees. In a high note, I answered “YES”.  I did not hesitate. It was what I had been waiting for. A national teaching position, which will make me earn a salary bigger than any private school in our city can offer me and will give 13th month pay, health benefits and and government insurance.

I went inside the classroom unable to concentrate anymore. Fortunately, the bell rang so soon and which meant class  dismissed. I was left inside the four-cornered room contemplating.  I was overwhelmed with the figures I would be earning as I work. Seventeen thousand pesos monthly, that was what others say, is the minimum salary of a beginning public school teacher.The amount is enough for a single like me. I can buy things I had been depriving myself before and start a business soon.

When I got home, I told my family about the news and that I will starting by June, at the beginning of the school year 2013-2014. My younger sister Rhea,who followed me by age and order, told me “Ayan, matutupad mo na pangarap mo!” (Now, you can reach your dream.)

And then I remember my dream. What is it? It is not about earning money. It is about serving. I have forgotten about it because I have been jealous of my friends “having careers” teaching in university with huge pay and who now have expensive mobile phones, dslr cameras and laptops.

My dream was to become a PUBLIC SCHOOL teacher. That has always been my answer every time people asked me what my dream job was. My teachers and professors  would occasionally  asked why I specifically want to be a public school teacher and I would answer because I wanted to teach youth, because they are at the age during which they are most sensitive and I believe I can handle their “attitudes” and because they are the student who never know if they can reach college but think of getting there if they can.  College students are the privileged ones, I believe. They can pay tuition fees,but high school students…we teachers teach them how to dream and when they do has formed their dreams, reality tells them  that college can be the best way to start building their dreams and for some reaching college is like reaching for the moon.  That is why I wanted to teach them the values and the skills they be needing as they face the world that is partial to those who hold Diploma in their hands.

I remember my classmates would call me a politician and sometimes tease me as TIME magazine Woman of the Year whenever they heard my answer. I paid no heed to their teasing though and my answered had been consistent every time I was asked the same inquiry.

I almost forgot about this dream. I was blinded but I was happy got it back.

Five months to wait. After that I will earn big but more than that I will reach my dream.  And after that  I will help others reach theirs.


14 thoughts on “The day I almost lost my dream

  1. You have a very noble dream. Continue chasing it. It’s good that you didn’t get distracted by the material world. Having expensive stuffs must never be a “dream” nor a “goal”. These are just decorations and what’s important is what we are made of as human beings. It was a lesson I learned as well. Do and follow what’s important and all these “add-ons” will come unto us without that much effort.

    Congratulations and may God bless you more.

    It’s my first time here by the way. I love to see and hear the excitement of people on their “beginning stage”. a shameless plug, my recent post was about this one. 🙂

    1. Hi Rogie!! HAve read the post..I didn’t know where to post a comment,so I ended up doing it here.

      I too love beginnings – birth, first day of school, wedding, first bicycle rides. Beginnings always sound “positive” to me and I always connect it with freshness , hope and courage.

      And Oh I love this line from your post : “And in case of aversion from our goal, keep in mind that each moment can be a point where you can create a new beginning to do the right thing.”


  2. Bravo teacher Eirene! Hindi lang winner ang passion mo kundi nakaka-inspire talaga. Mabuhay sa iyo!

    Mabuti yang while you are young, you know what you want and where you wanna go. Thinking about having better salary ay hindi naman bad as long as wala kang tinatapakangtao at hindi mo naman bina-value ang pera more than sa ibang mahalaga sa buhay, like ang totong happiness mo. Don’t be afraid to try things, kasi ika nga ang biggest asset mo talaga ay ang kabataan mo. You have time to explore, magkamali ka man, marami kang pagkakataon para bumalik at bumawi.

    Realistically speaking din, sa bawat chapter ng ating buhay you need money ( like getting married, having a baby, emergency or retirement) at ganoon din naman if you want to help people. Even kahit, mag-volunteer ka, kailangan mo rin ng panggastos sa pamasahe, pagkain, etc. What i’m trying to say is money is your tool to do bigger things para sa iyong mga interes.

    and tama rin sinabi ni Kuya Rogie, mainam na you know yung mga material things ay hindi magandang motivation. in fact, hindi naman talagang investment ang mga gadgets kang pang-porma lang.

    (Wow haba ang comment ko ginanahan ako sa post mo. hehehe). Keep it up!

    1. ang haba nga!..:))..thanks sa motivation…

      salamat din dito, sa pagpapaalala: “ang biggest asset mo talaga ay ang kabataan mo. You have time to explore, magkamali ka man, marami kang pagkakataon para bumalik at bumawi.”

  3. congrats sa new work mo! u think it too much na matutupad mo itong pangarap na ito kaya nangyayari, this is also because of ur hardwork and motivation na maabot mo ang pangarap na ito. ang isang teacher ay napaka noble na propesyon dahil sila ang naging daan sa mga bata na matuto at kung hindi dahil sa isang guro wala tayong mga lawyers, doctors, engineers etc. sana ipagpatuloy mo itong pangarap na ito dahil ikaw din ang maging dahilan para tuparin ang mga pangarap ng iyong mga maging studyante. god bless and im looking forward sa iyong journey sa buhay!! congrats again!!

    1. Salamat po!! Talagang hinintay ko ito. Ang ikinatatakot ko lang ay baka dumating ang araw na magsawa ako o mapagod, lalo na sabi nang iba masyado pa akong bata para pumasok sa mundo ng “public school”

  4. It always refuels my passion for teaching whenever I read something like this. I’m currently teaching in a private institution but I also see myself eventually giving back to my country via teaching in a public school. Dapat talaga mapalakas ang pampublikong sistema ng edukasyon sa Pilipinas, hindi lang para turuan ang mga kabataang mangarap kundi para ikintal rin sa kanila ang obligasyon na tumulong sa pagpapaunlad sa bayan. Saludo ako sa inyo, ma’am. Saludo ako sa mga gurong may ganyang klase ng dedikasyon
    And btw, have you heard the news? There’s currently a motion in the senate to increase the compensation of Math and Science teachers.

    1. Sayang English teacher I agree na dapat talaga mapalakas ang sistema ng edukasyon lalo na ng sa pampubliko. Ang problema nga lang kasi ang DepEd minsan mali ang sistema ng paghahire.Palakasan system kaya nga po minsan ‘yong mahuhusay na guro na hindi agad nahahire agad nag-aabroad na lang o nagpaprivate o minsan nag-iiba ng karera.

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