Day 2 Challenge: Nine Things about Myself

  1. I am afraid of dolls – Pediophobic, but I am not afraid of heights and  snakes. Every time I see a d482426_528151560538910_1741122011_noll, especially the chubby one which eyes blink, I freeze and then I feel nauseated and then I ran away. Sometimes, I feel like I  am going to puke and sometimes seeing a doll makes me lose my appetite. I can not even walk through that part of toy stores where there are shelves that contain dolls in pile. It causes me goosebumps.On the other hand I am not afraid of snakes, even of heights. People say its weird to be afraid of dolls but not of snake nut it is normal to me.
  2. I love books and reading. I also love library, bookstore, bookmark, Book sale,second hand book, quote from books and anything that comes with book and reading.
  3. I can’t swim. I can’t explain why.
  4. I can play guitar, but not quite well. I have learned it by watching videos in the Youtube. I did not receive any help from others, but I learn it anyway.
  5. I have an average mind, but I love learning and exploring.
  6.  I am really a chatty person. That is maybe the reason why I also love teaching. But  there are times, I just want to be alone and be in solitude. I always feel good to be alone reading or reflecting and sometimes doing nothing. The things I like doing alone are: going to the mall , walking along the highway, going to library and also surfing the internet(I hate it when people become nosy about what I am doing and to whom I am chatting.)
  7. I check my facebook account three or more than three times a day. I used to hate people who do that but now I am doing it, I don’t think I can hate myself.
  8. I sing whenever and wherever I want to. I sing in the mall,in the public toilet, bathroom, classroom, hall,cab,  even in the library! (Don’t worry, I do not sing loudly in the library. ) I can’t help it. I ain’t a good singer according to my father. My little sister says I am. I do not know who of them I am going to believe, but whether or not I am good, I like singing. It’s my stress buster,my way of expressing and liberating myself.
  9. I  dream to travel the whole world. When I was in college I always told myself that I am going to travel Europe, just Europe. I always have wondered how it feels like to walk along the path where Elizabeth and Darcy of Pride and Prejudice walked and visit  the places where the other book characters lived or visited. However I have changed my mind, I’m going around Asia first before Europe. Asia is a colorful continent. It is where I live so it is practically good to go around  visit and learn about  my neighboring country’s culture before going off to farther places.

That’s me with a life size snake at Baker’s Hill, Puerto Princesa City Palawan—->


6 thoughts on “Day 2 Challenge: Nine Things about Myself

  1. ahaha, ang cute ng pic… btw, there were many years in my life, too, when my idea of fun was the library, hehe. kapatid, i also love walking alone in the highways (weird tayo, no?). i sing a lot and often, too pero puro chorus lang. 😉 at talaga palang Europe tour is in the plans, ahaha. ang English novels talaga, lakas maka-impluwensya, hahaha. natutuwa ako, you sound like a young woman with dreams and plotting ways to realize them. sail on, keep on and write on, as well. cheers! 🙂

    1. ang weird nga po natin…sarap kasi maglakad sa highway nang walang ptutunguan, kahit puro alikabok….ay opo, gusto ko talaga Europe!,,,gusto ko rin pumunta sa mga museums at churches nila.

  2. Ikaw ba yung nakanganga sa pic? Ehehehe.. Joke lang… Dati, takot ako sa mannequin <– tama ba spelling ko.. As in literal na naiihi ako sa salawal at nagwawala ako sa mall dati.. Pero ngayon hindi na ako nagwawala… Amfpt…

    1. ung nakanganga po un ung kambal ko..the one in blue is me..LOL…

      may takot din ako sa mannequin noon pero naovercome ko ‘yong sa manika na lang iyong ang naiwan,,,

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