Day 4 Challenge: Seven Things that Cross Your Mind a lot.

  1. My students-their performance, their grades. That I wish they are more serious in their school work, that I am thankful for those who are improving and are coming to realize how important their education is, what will their future be, what kind of citizen will they be if they do not even know how to reason out ans they are too lazy sometimes to think. If they appreciate what I am teaching and if they hate me because I always give them a sermon about unemployment and stiff competition in world of work.
  2. My next lessons. These things give me a headache always!
  3. My requirements in my M.A class. They never seem done. When you finish one task, here comes the other one.
  4. What will happen when I move in public school. For a person who always “ningas cogon” , Can I stay long?
  5. What will I write next in this blog.
  6. FOOD!!My appetite have been improving latetly.hahaha!
  7. Finances.How will I budget my money? When will I have millions in my account?Buying this and that. Wjat business can be a good investment and the likes.

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