DAY 5 Challenge: Six things I wish I had never done.

I believe this is the toughest question so far in the 10-day blog challenge. As I write this I have so many hesitations in my mind and my left and right brain are debating if whether or not I must answer or do this challenge. However, since I have started this, I must finish this.

Just like any of you I also have regrets in life. I maybe young but it is not an excuse for me to commit mistakes which I wish to keep to myself. So promise me you’d never blame me and try to understand me as you read.

Cheating during High School when we have tests in Math

When I was in 4th year high school I belong to the cream of the crop – the Science Class. With a Math bum like me, you could just imagine how hard it was for me to cope with our Math lessons. I never tried solving the quizzes. I just waited for the answers of my classmates be passed onto me and then I copied them. I wish I tried. Maybe, I could have been better in Math if I just tried. Maybe also, I won’t feel kind of guilty now(or more of pretentious), every time I get mad at and reprimand my students for cheating and not putting effort on their tasks.

Saying I LOVE YOU to a guy who I never really loved.

You see, there was this guy who used to send me chocolates and sweet messages during my college years. He wasn’t the first one to show intention of courting me. There are others but I rejected them because I had promised and committed to God that I would never ever got myself involved in any romantic relationship until I am mature enough, which I estimated would be at the age of 24.I made this promise also because at that time I wanted more of my time be spent with school, family, church and God.

Honestly, I found him so sweet and persistent. That although it was clear to him(or so I just thought) that I did not like him in anyway and that I really didn’t like dating , he never quit. He kept on texting. One day, he gave me a bag of M and M chocolates and I was so happy(maybe because of the Serotonin)  that the next morning I did the most stupid thing to do. I guess you know already what I did it. Stupid me!! What I really wanted to do was just to make him happy, but it gave him false hope.  Fast forward: After years I told him it was a lie. He was hurt.He never talked to me after that.

Teaching at ———- School

It is the place where my enthusiasm about teaching was taken away from me(Luckily, I got it back!),where I was told “bobo” by a colleague, where I had to wash 60 blankets with my co-teacher who was also a newbie in the school, where we (newbies) need to work hard but in the end,our work will be credited as somebody else’s work, where everyday I was asked to wash my colleagues plate after having our lunch like it was protocol that a newbie had to serve her “seniors” as a test that needed to be passed.

Though I admit the experience made me tougher, I still wish I never had been there.

Asking for a palm-reading

When I was in high school, I had a teacher who knew palm-reading . I and my classmates consulted her about our future. I waited patiently for my turn to come and you know what my future is?

While my classmates received a state-of-the-art promise of a good fortune- good life, life in overseas, happy family, three kids, a doctor husband –  I received a promise of a doom’s day!! She said according to my palm I’d die young and would  never get married. That was heartbreaking.:(

I wish I never came to her. I knew for sure that she didn’t hate me. She was a good person. I and my classmates loved her so much.  We so admired her, even up to now. I couldn’t find reason for her make up a story or prediction that would hurt me, so I believed she was being truthful when she told me about those. I know it may not be true and that only God can tell what our future is but I can’t help thinking of it and be sadden.

Rejecting to be part of our College Newspaper

I did it because I chose running for a Student Government position. You see, If I accepted it, there would be “conflict of interest”. If only I had known earlier that I would love writing I would have accepted. Perhaps, I am now better at this craft.

Starting this Challenge

hahaha! This is kinda tough.


11 thoughts on “DAY 5 Challenge: Six things I wish I had never done.

  1. Wow! So brave of you to share these things with us. 😉 Thank you!

    Well I guess, we have our shared chapters on this one. Funny thing but I could relate to all 4! Hahahaha. Well, whenever it makes me upset to remember these things, I just recite what a friend of mine once told me: Experience is what you get when you don’t get what you want. 🙂

  2. Indeed, this is the most difficult! 🙂

    Yun College newspaper.. Haha. True.. magkakaron nga ng conflict of interest.. I chose our college paper back then. 😉 hehe. Cheers to you!

    1. I chose SG because I felt back then that I didn’t deserve to be part of the newspaper. I was a very lousy writer (I still am!) and I was really lazy to write. Plus the adviser was kinda strict.

  3. Wow! Thank you for sharing! Bibihira ang makakapag share ng ganyan. Hindi ko kayang maging honest katulad mo… Masyado maraming bagay ang dapat hindi ko nagawa… Congrats!

  4. Ang tragic naman ng hula sayo. Yung feeling na excited ka malaman what’s up to you after some time tapos ganoon lang. Nakaka-trauma. Heheh. Anyway, puno na ata notifications mo sakin. Ngayon lang kasi ako nagba-back read. 🙂

    1. Tragic nga.Parang akong nilunod nung mga panahong iyon.Buti na lang nga hula lang. Ok lang kung puro sa ‘yo notifications ko at kung ngayon lang nakapg back-read, nakaka-appreciate nga na you have found time to read my posts…hehe

  5. kapatid, noong nasa college, one of our barkadas made me hula, hihihi. she said i was not going to be rich (moneywise) but was going to be married three times. am now older than the river, haha, and never been married. some hula, she did, haha. 🙂 😉

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