Day 6:Five People Who Mean a Lot to Me

This is unfair!!  We are seven in the family and excluding myself will make  6 persons, so I dare violate the challenge. (Calm me down, please) hehehe.

Ok, here I go.

You know it already. The five people who mean a lot to me  I mean the six people who mean a lot to me are those people whose DNA share a lot of similarities with mine. But of course, there are more to us than simply having common traits from a genetic pool. We – although we don’t like each other sometimes – love and care for each other genuinely.  I believe that is what family are for. They are there to show that there are people who would love you despite the fact that at times you have a detestable and hateful attitude; that in spite of your weirdness they will understand you and accept you for who you are; and that they are there to catch you each time you fall and be right behind you in every decision you make  although they disapprove that decision.

Of course there is no perfect family. Mine is no exception to that. We disagree at each other at times.In fact we often do. We always have discussions and arguments about various topics. Sometimes it is as simple as who to use the computer first sometimes it is as complicated like politics and social issues. But in spite of these we never hurt each other, physically. If we had and will hurt each other emotionally, it is unintentional.

I can’t think of another persons to have as a family(aside from the family I am going to have in the future with my future husband). If I would be reincarnated (if that is true) I would choose them again to be my family – my father, mother and my four sisters. You read it right four sisters and no brother. Ok, maybe I could wish for another sibling provided he is a “he”.

By the way the name of the six persons are:

Rizaldo, Janette, RizaJane, Rhea Joyce, Jarizza Pearl, Jan Iriz. ( We all have a name with letter J)


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