I am a Fanatic

April 14 2013. I was one of the staff/usherette in the Holcim Big Event, a private big party for business partners of the famous national cement company. I agreed to be one of the staff members because I heard Martin Nievera was going to perform!! Idol ko yun! Sobra!! I even skipped 2 sessions during the International Dance Festival for this.  I wanted to hear him blabber and sing of course.

Sadly though, I was assigned at the gate to check if the people coming in had I.Ds. That meant, I would not be able to watch and had “picture-taking” with him..:-(

At the gate, I saw Martin, Kedebon and Gab entered. We didn’t know Kedebon and Gab would come and Giselle Sanchez too! When Gab past in front us, my feet began to move by itself and I left my post!! I left my table because I was following Gab, unconsciously. Haha! (Just so you know, Gab is my favorite X Factor finalist and KZ also. I even voted for him and been following him on his fan pages)  I was saying as I walked, “Uy, c ano..C Gab!” And he looked at me over his shoulder and he winked and I melted. I was a high school girl fan again. Then, our leader/ event manager asked me to stop following and go back to my post. I was back at my senses.

Work again. The other left their post to have a picture with Kedebon and Gab.I glued myself in my post although I left at times to watch Martin perform even for a little while.  I was so jealous. All the energy just drained out of my body when  Ma’am Tinay and Ma’am Bartolome showed to me their pictures with Gab and Kedebon. I was really jealous.

When everybody were leaving, we were at the gate saying “thank you”, “good night”, “good bye” and “be safe” again and again to the visitors. I said those words halfheartedly, although I tried to beam. I was still jealous and quite disappointed at the turn out of events. Nanghinayang ako doon sa dalawang session sa International Festival that I skipped for this.

When Kedebon walked past, inisnab niya ako because they were in a hurry to get back to their van.  Then, Gab came. I said “Bye Gab!” in a sad tone. I didn’t have a picture with him, remember? He must have felt my sadness. He pouted and all of a sudden he hugged me. It was so tight. I hugged him back, as tight as his hug! We hugged each other, I think for eight seconds and that is not an exaggeration! He was the first to release  and I was like “more! More!” in my head. Then he left. I wasn’t able to say thank you, because I was dumbfounded. I didn’t even see his face again. The other seventeen ushers were as awestruck as I was. I bet they’re jealous. No picture again but I was like floating for the next 24 hours.

See, I’m a fan!


8 thoughts on “I am a Fanatic

    1. Welcome. Thanks for dropping by. I’m not the type who write about my kilig moments. Kinilig lang talaga ako that time kaya napasulat ako.

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