Conscience in Form

companyname2Last week, inside a multi-cab, as I was on my way to school, I overheard two young people talking about a scandal of two college students of a university in our town. Allegedly, there were 8 videos and each was taken in a different place. Apparently, somebody spread the videos and they have went viral within the university campus and ended up being the talk of the town. I could only shook my head out of pity to the two people in the videos. Two days after, I heard over a radio broadcaster that the lass involved in the said scandal was pleading to everyone who had copies of the videos to delete them so to stop their further distribution. I’d never seen the videos yet I could feel the humiliation they were giving to the girl and the boy involved.

News like this isn’t anymore surprising. It was like an unannounced rainfall of PAG-ASA which caught you outside without your umbrella. It happens all the time but each time, it makes you shrug your shoulders and mutter to yourself, “I’d bring my umbrella next time, just in case”. Then the next day, there it is again, the never-ending story of the unexpected rain and your umbrella that was lazily laying on the cabinet at your home while you throw unintelligible remarks about the PAG-ASA. When this happened the third time or nth time, you’ll come to realize  the problem isn’t the PAG-ASA anymore but you who never get used to the eccentric weather and has never learned to bring your umbrella in case it rain.

So many scandals have been caught in video. Some even made their way to the internet and TV screen. In Mike Enriquez’s Imbestigador alone, so often do I see a lady crying over her scandal which she would claim intended for private viewing but, as usual, the video will end up being spread by her partner or somebody. They are like the stereotype soap operas. The cast of characters changes but the ending will be the same – someone will cry and regret. Compared to TV dramas though, in which the one who cried the most gets the viewers’ sympathy, in sex videos, the public’s opinion is usually split. It’s either the boy’s or the girl’s fault. If someone else did the spreading, some would say that someone should be blamed. There are also those who blamed the technology.

If you’d ask me who should be blame, I’d say blame the persons who forget to bring their umbrella. I don’t blame them because of their lack of morals because we do have different standards of morality. I blame them for not learning from others’ experiences. I blame them for owning a cellphone and having access to the internet without even realizing how powerful these tools can be.

We live now in era of smart phones, ipads and CCTVs. Gone are the days when only the celebrities should worry about the paparazzi. Today, everybody is a celebrity in their own way. Likewise, everybody can be paparazzi because whatever we do, wherever we are and whenever the time is, our actions are more likely to be captured by any of those gadgets with eyes. Their eyes are like the eye of God, only less powerful because they need battery to work. But all the same, they remind us to avoid doing bad or stupid things that would cause public outrage or embarrassment. It was like our conscience, it will haunt us if we do wayward things especially if our picture or video landed on the internet.

Well of course, the word of God is still the best principle in judging whether our action is good or bad and our conscience, the best assistance to that. However, isn’t it  just so consoling to think that although our phones won’t give us the guilt the way our conscience do, it can be our effective deterrent in doing something idiotic or mean? In this era, when things are being judged by hitting the like and dislike button, it’s not bad to go with whatever works. Let our phone be our second conscience.


5 thoughts on “Conscience in Form

  1. hello, Eirene… kakatuwa, may post ka na uli. malungkot lagi sa tuwing may ganoong kwento – ivini-video isang supposedly private act? power tripping, i guess, ang mga gumagawa noon, lalo pa ‘yong namamahagi… reputations could be made or unmade dahil lang sa isang incident. buong pamilya ang maapektuhan… sa ganang akin, love ang framework, kaya pumayag sa sexual act. pero ang nag-vid at namahagi, shame, shaming ang framework. kaya namahagi – para makapagyabang. and yes, makapanira… para masabing napapayag si ganito.

    sa ganoong pagkakataon, nagiging instrument toward a bad end ang isang neutral and useful sanang gadget. hindi ko sisihin ang technology. kamo nga, access, ownership and use of technologies without the corresponding responsibiity, may di mabuting epekto…

    still, sa pagsama at pagtitiwala sa isang tao, dapat naroroon ang pagtantya sa kanya – kung siya ba ay matino, kung gagamitin ba niya ang isang bagay (sexual act) to bring out the best in you as a person or to bring you down and your self respect, before the community? sa ganang akin, ha… ^^

    pasensya na sa mahabang comment. have a restful weekend, kapatid… 🙂

    1. well,ok lang po ang mahabang comment because it means talagang nabasa at inintindi ang post.

      I do agree that “sexual act” must bring out the best in us. And of course it should be done out of love. Those who video themselves, I don’t think they do it out of love. I believe parang laro lang iyon sa kanila and that’s why I believe too, dapat makonsensya tayo kapag ganoon na ang mindset natin- that we can have sex anytime, without the love.

      1. hala, dati pang may teenage pregnancies, wala pang cellphone camera. may mga kabataan na noon – laro ang framework sa sex, experiment… with tools na lang ‘ata ngayon, nahe-help out exhibitionist tendencies ng ibang kabataan, parang… ^^

        then and now, i think may konsensya naman sila… naka-turn off, overcome marahil ng desire. mas nanaig at nanguna desire, instead of it being part of love. 🙂 waving

      2. totoo po yan..kaya nga po sana ngayong mayroon ng cellphone na may camera na maaring makunan sila in the act, sana they’ll learn that even private thing na ginagawa nila pwede nang mavideo… that somehow po this phones will remind them to be careful and protect themselves.

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