No More Talking

cover_mouthIf you’d ask me what I am good at, I could answer only a few.One those few will be speaking. Pardon me for bragging but I have the gift of gab,they say. I think my jobs can speak for me since I work as a full-time school teacher and a host on the side.

I guess it’s just right to say that speaking makes me earn money, which on the other hand lets me buy my needs and wants. That’s why I take so much care of my voice just like the way singers do. Apparently though, I wasn’t doing enough because my voice had turned raspy and  hoarse.It sounds freaky to tell you the truth. I’ve noticed this for a month but thought this is no big deal. When eventually my throat become painful and that’s when I decided to see my ENT doctor.

She told me that I have a laryngitis,that I need to zip my mouth for a week and get a vocal rest for a month. This means torture to me. It is more tiresome than having a lecture for four hours but I have to follow the doctor’s advice anyway unless I want to stay mute forever and literally be not heard anymore by anyone.

Today is my fourth day of being mute , though I speak occasionally when it can’t be helped.

You know what I’ve learned in those four days?It is the fact that actions does not always speak louder than words. (Hey!! Why didn’t I figure that out earlier? )

I want to say that I wish for the days to pass quickly because I wanna go back to work, but I feel otherwise. I’m enjoying my one-week rest. I can lie down my bed and read book as long as I am enjoying doing it and write as much as I can, but this week would have been better If I can sing to myself or just at least talk to my friends over phone for hours. I know can always break the no-more-talking-a-lot rule the doctor said. No one would know, but I am afraid I’d lost my voice longer or worse forever, so for now I’ll just try hard to stick with it.


2 thoughts on “No More Talking

  1. oh this sucks. i hope you feel better. during my bad allergic rhinitis episodes, i also tend to get bad sore throats. recover soon!

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