Dear 2013,

It’s second to the last day of the year and I haven’t figured out yet how to say good bye. I really dont know how to part with you. You’ve given me so much happy memories.Sure, there were challenges, tears and pains but those were nothing compared to the smiles, laughters and cheers you brought me.

I will never forget that this is the year during which I finally reach my long-time goal – to become a public school teacher. It was scary at first, I even cried a lot during the  first months and almost regretted that I chose this job when I can be good at other field too, but  that was all adjustment stuffs and now Im loving my job more than ever. I pray I wont get tired doing this.

This year also I got many first-time experiences. Well, It’s my first time to get kidnapped by a crazy guy(was “kidnapped” the right term? I dunno). He never touched me nor hurt me though, but he trapped us in a room with a knife on his hand. By the word “us” I mean of my co-teacher and other students.You see 2013, because of that I learned what blotter and hearing  are first-hand.Later, we learned he was a drug addict and was “high” when he trapped us. Ain’t am I  a lucky girl to get out of that room unhurt? Thank God!

2013, I know you have heard of exorcism. I do too, but never in my wildest dream did I think of seeing it right in front of my very eyes. I was scared seeing students act strangely. Worse is my advisory student is one of them. This isn’t a good experience but because of that I learned how faith can drive evils and how the love of a teacher to her student can actually surpass whatever fear she has. I am proud of myself for not leaving those students when other teachers had ran to their houses or left school. I am even more proud because I was not possesed even though the male students and teachers were telling me to leave the school grounds because the targets of the evil were girls. 2013, I did not leave because I knew my heart is filled with love and faith in God and becauseof that there is no way the evil entity could posses me and  because I knew the students needed someone who truly cared for them and I did, I do.

Enough of negative stuffs. Do you remember the International Dance Festival I joined this summer? Well  I do,like it just happened yesterday.( What about Gab’s hug that made me turn head over heels? I still feel “kilig” and automatically turns into fan girl mode each time I remember his embrace ( This year also, I played basketball, in a real court against real people and a real player for that.I got sweaty all over but I oh-so-love the experience even if the other players treat me  like I was just “saling-pusa”.

Do you know how much I love to sing despite the fact that musical notes run away from me each time I do? And Do you know I had dream ofsinging on stage with audience? Well,I finally did!!!! I did it with no shame! I know I have turned into a crazy girl this year.

Speaking of crazy, I also took an absent from work because I was tired. Big deal? Yeah for a workaholic like me. I also brought 42girls to camp in a forest. Big deal? Yeah because the  girls only have me as an adult. A male teacher was with me but he was with the boys at the other part of the forest. I also choreographed a lyrical dance this year. Big deal? Of couse!!! I never did that before. Crazy me!! But what’s crazier is  I seldom dance.

Now, here’s what is really impressive about this year, I taught in two schools. That makes me a sickly full-time public school teacher and a feeble part-time college instructor. It was tiring that I had to give up the latter.

My family had many bonding times too. We even went to Dos Palmas this summer. It was really fun-filled. It was also the first time we all went there.

But the most unforgettable is I found  the easy-go-lucky Peter Pan and it turns out, I am his Wendy. You know what I mean. *Me winks.

I still have many things in mind to reminisce but my sister needs the computer so badly. 2013, I wish you’ll never leave but I know no one can stop this to happen. So I bid you adieu. I will never forget you. Thank you for the memories.




Can you please tell 2014 to be good to me.Thank you!!



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