Bad Poetry: Falling Star

(I am not good at poetry. But this year I wish to write as much poetry as I can. So from now on,this 2014, Mondays will be dedicated to Poetry. Enjoy!)

                I ran into one of my friends this Christmas break in a mall and we had a little chitchat about the love of her life to whom she had been in love with since we were college. He finally notices her. Problem is, her family doesn’t approve of the guy and it pains her to see him trying so much to become someone who her family will like. She loves her just the way he is, especially his carefree personality. She doesn’t want that changed. I made this poem for her.

Reaching-for-Stars (1)

Falling Star

So long had I looked up and stared at you
Down here I waited for you to fall
Finally you let gravity take charge
And I caught you before you even hit the ground
As I took hold of you in my hands
The sheen and gleam I once adore, turns dull
Now I ask myself, is it right for me to wish for you to plummet from the sky?
When you belong there at the vast expanse

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