Nobody’s Second Anniversary

2ndAfter a week long vacation in Malaysia(which is actually my first out -of-the-country travel),I finally had the time to check my dormant blog and read the post of other bloggers that I am following. I was quite surprise to see a greeting from WordPress greeting me a happy 2nd anniversary. I am not sure if I do deserve the trophy image that comes with the greeting nor if my blogging journey is a happy one since I was never a prolific writer. I am not even sure if I should call myself a writer since there were really times that I was just coaxing myself to write. I didn’t even know how this blog is able to exist longer than a year when I am aware that I AM NOT A GOOD WRITER. (I wrote in capitals for emphasis so you know I am aware of it. )You readers might have noticed that writing is not something I do naturally. Sure, I like to write, but I am unlike others whose words just come to them instantly whenever they want to express something,whether in poetic way or a candid formal tone. I grope for words,checking the dictionary from time to time to check myself if I used the right term. I am not also good in English grammar. Sure thing I can write in Filipino but I am worse writer in my language.

To be honest, whenever I read good blogs I feel envious. It’s like admiration and envy are not different things to me anymore , that the margin that differentiates the two words is a very fine one. Envy automatically gnaws at me when I admire a post. There were times too that I feel inspired to write my own post by other good bloggers but in the middle of writing I’ll leave it unfinished thinking my work is as good as crap. Sometimes,I finished it but do not post it for the same reason. I dislike my self for acting like that,but I feel happy of the fact that the aspiration to become a good writer is still in me,and it motivates me to write more so to become better in this craft. For that reason, i cannot simply abandon my blog.


Blogging is about self expression. That is true to me during my first year of blogging. And it remains true today and maybe in the coming years. But as I stay blogging I realize it is also about self improvement in writing and in other ways. I guess that realization and the thought of not leaving my blog despite everything is what makes my second anniversary a happy one. Indeed, this is a Happy Second Anniversary.:-) ..cheers!


One thought on “Nobody’s Second Anniversary

  1. hello, uli… happy anniversary, sister. i so like the honesty and depth of feelings conveyed in this post. btw, writer ka na kaya? kung ayaw mo maniwala, please see previous post re: a stray cat. aysows, di ko kaya ang gano’n – short but succinct. 🙂

    alam mo, no’ng babago akong salta sa Maynila, centuries back, haha, ang mga binabasa ko were Pearl Buck, Margaret Atwood, John Steinbeck, Robert Ludlom and Richard Bach. They were big names, back then – giants and very popular authors. yon din panahong nabuo sa akin ang kagustuhang magsulat. aysows, kagaganda at kalalalim kaya nilang magsulat? susme… and my writings then were just poor and barely comprehensible, haha. parang pinagkabit-kabit na kung anu-ano? hahaha. habang binabasa ko sila at ang iba pa, feeling ko, palayo ako ng palayo sa pangarap, as in…

    anyway, centuries forward, nag-improve na naman. dito na ‘yon sa blog, dito na ako maraming sinubukan – theme, content and approach. i guess, writing doesn’t come easy. yong sabi, behind (works that are) easy reading, are hard writing. yon…

    so, yon. you are doing well, kapatid. practice lang lagi. with dedication, patience and constant practice, your writing will improve and improve – inspite of your reservations and despite yourself and your agam-agam that you’re not good enough, hehe.

    who’s good enough, anyway? may nabasa ako dati, essays ng known writers like Isaac Asimov, Alice Walker, Amy Tan and others. ikinukwento nila behind the scenes and pre-final output ng writings nila? aysus, parang according to them, blabbering fools din lang sila who barely know their way around. akala lang daw ‘yon (na madali) ng mga nagbabasa. kasi, final product na ang nasilayan nila, ahaha.

    basta, write on! happy anniversary. 🙂 belated, hehe…

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