A Mother Like No Other


Meet my mother.

She will always be an enigma to me. She has many inconsistencies that have always puzzled me when I was young and even now, I’m at loss to explain them and I’ve long since given up trying to understand her.

Have you ever met a teacher who never taught her children how to read and write? Well, here comes my mom. I often thought it was because she didn’t love us. Now I am a teacher too I realized my mom just have a really big heart for her students who are usually part of uncoventional families, who have their hopes for better future in my mother’s loving hands. That’s why she spent most of the time at school, and the summer doing visual aids for her teaching. You see, my mom is not just a mother of five girls, but she is also the mother of hundreds of  students.

My mom never assisted us during enrollments. She used to, until I-can-not-remember-when. I believed it is her way of teaching us independence. She believed in us, that we can do it,though she has never been vocal about it.

Mama is also fickle-minded. Her ideas and mood  swings with the weather, even more often than the weather does. She changes her mind every minute or so. For instance, she’d tell Judy Ann  Santos is pretty and then after a minute or two she’d say ” taba ng mukha! Bakit nag artista pa yan!“.  She once told me to marry the man who would make me happy and then years later she insisted I marry a man who is mayaman and gwapo. Now, she believes that it doesn’t matter if he is pangit or di mayaman as long as he works in government agencies with enough income to raise us.I remember when I was in high school, she would constantly tell us to not have boyfriend until we graduate college. When I graduated college, she told me to find work first before love life. Then, here came work and she told me to finish Masteral First and I am now on my way to finish it and she is telling me to finish my Doctor’s degree first.Those are just her way of pushing us to succeed. That is also her way of guiding us. That is also herr way of telling us what “making priorities” means.

Mama would always remind us to eat healthy but after she says that and we ask for Coke, she’ll give us money right away. See the irony!But it is just because hindi niya kami matiis. What we want, as long as she can give it, she will give it.

My mom may be like the weather but if there is anything consistent in the way she raises us, her daughters, it is her refusal to allow any of us to indulge in vanity. She raised us in simplicity and modesty.She never overspends for herself , spending only an iota amount of her salary for her needs. She never had a branded blouse. Her closet is full of ukay-ukay and china-made dresses because whatever she needs is last in the shopping list.

From her, I also learned how being steadfast means. She has her own shares of ups and downs,but she remains standing despite everything.I can’t tell what were and are those for this will be like an MMK episode. Being strong is my mom’s greatest strengnth. She always cries but she never gives up.

My mom may never be the perfect mother. She isn’t affectionate and  appreciative like any other mother. She has her favorites daughters which is so obvious to us, her daughters.But despite the fact, I know too well, she is doing her best to be one.Her sacrifices tell us, and that is a proof  louder than words.

Happy Mother’s day Ma. We love you!I love you!


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