I am a Middle-Child


And you forget

I am not my older sibling

Nor I am the youngest

You coax me to be like your eldest

“He’s the first,so follow his footsteps.”

You get all thrilled of all his first tastes  of life

When it’s my turn it’s normal, it’s dull

The youngest, he’s loved because he’s last

He gets the freedom

He gets  what he wants

For all the trouble he is forgiven

While my one mistake ruins everything

I am invisible

I’m used to it

You see me when you wanna say I’m worst

Or to compare how I lag behind your favorites

Today I want to lend me your ear

I won’t ask so much, I promise

Let me be just me

Give me some piece of your understanding

Yes,I am a middle-child

But I am still your child

I too deserve special treatment




Disclaimer: I am not a middle-child. I just felt I wanted to write about it.

This is for all the middle-child in the world.This is just a piece of shit, but I hope you liked it.


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