My problem that all singles will understand

This holiday season, I subjected myself to house arrest to avoid expenditures but after that two-week long holiday I found myself almost penniless. My salary, including my bonuses, all went to their rightful place (or I was just coaxing myself to think that way). I didn’t buy much and the only present I gave to myself is that 1,500 worth of hair rebond. The rest went to shopping for my  goddaughters and godsons, my mom’s hands (for the noche buena and media noche),my sister Rhea for her allowance(she’s in college and I am in charge of her allowance) and  and my siblings’ gifts. I placed a few in my savings and partially paid  my debts. There is a total amount of 2,000 pesos left( and I am really ashamed to tell that but that’s the truth)  for me to spend until the 22nd day of January – my salary day –   comes! How on earth am I going to budget that? Yesterday, someone texted me and asked if she could borrow money. Of course, I told her the truth – that I do not have extra money, that I only have 2,000 in my wallet, that that could not be enough if sudden expenditure comes. She did not believe me though.Who will anyway? I am single. I supposed to have more than enough. I believe that’s the problem when you are single.People think you have more than enough because you don’t have children to raise. People will keep on asking you for financial help – whether that is for loan or “hingi”. When you can not grant them help, they’ll raise an eyebrow and think you’re stingy or even worse is you’re spendthrift.It sucks when someone accused you of being a spendthrift when all you trying to do is save. Even my family won’t even believe me whenever I complain how fast the money comes and goes as if they are not aware that I also spend more than a hundred a day for transportation and food as I work, that a life of a teacher requires spending a part of your salary for the sake of teaching and learning, that I am sending my sister to college, that I am religiously giving them my own share to our household expense and that I want to save too. Here’s what I actually learn from it:First,that when you’re single your earnings is not only for yourself. Second, no one would believe you when you told them you run out of cash.


2 thoughts on “My problem that all singles will understand

  1. I feel you. I share some of your sentiments here. I still live with my family (despite being 24) so I also help out with the expenses. This could really be a let down sometimes but I also try to remind myself that my parents and older siblings must have had their fair share of “sacrifices” for the family, too. Think of it as a long term investment that’ll eventually benefit you in the end. Tipong delayed gratification. Plus, as you mentioned, it is right that you look for ways to give yourself simple rewards every now and then. Kailangan ding nalalangisan ang makina para magtagal ang pakinabang. Kaya yan. Cheers, ka-Guro! Happy 2015! 🙂

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