What to do in 2015 (instead of getting married)

I’ll be turning 25 this year and no, I am not yet getting married. There are better things to do than tying a knot when I know in myself that I and my partner is not yet ready financially, emotionally and mentally. But though I’m dreaming of seeing myself walking the aisle in white gown in a church bursting with flowers with (*insert his name here) waiting at the altar, I don’t see it coming so soon. Getting married is a big thing. You have to be geared up before you swim in it. You have to chase all your dreams first, feel complete,  before you can be able to share yourself with your partner. And since I notice that I am going away with my main topic here, let me steer back to my purpose.

So yeah,before that big day comes, I think I’d busy myself with things that I have been wishing to do ever since I learned what dreaming is, so when I get married I’ll have no regrets and i won’t blame marriage for hampering me from chasing my dreams.

Here’s my to do list for 2015!!!!(*insert drum roll here)

1.Travel outside Puerto with Marsh even in just a day (since longer than that is hardly possible)

2.Practice my photographic skills

3.Finish my thesis! And graduate!

4. Start business and get serious about it

5. Read lots of books

6.Invest or Save or have a hundred thousand before the end ofthe year

7.Write more often

Here are my resolutions!!!((*insert anothere drum roll here)

1.No more petty arguments with Marsh

2.Be patient and be more understanding about everything

3.Drink more water

4.Eat less carbs and salty food

4.Dress more properly ..What I mean I’ll try to wear fancy clothes and not restrain myself from T-shirt and pants…I’ll dress according to my age too

5. Sleep more

6.Be more conscious of my physical appearance (but not to the point of being vain)

I made a poster that I put on my wall to make sure I am reminded of these resolutions and goals.

New Year's Resolution


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