The Arrow wit the Heart Pierced Right Through It

tadhana Photo is from Twitter

There was an arrow who was getting tired of his pointy life. Until one day, he woke up feeling heavier than usual. He woke up with a heart pierced through him. “Whose heart are you? How did you get here?” the arrow asked, but there was no reply. The arrow asked everyone he met if they owned the heart, everyone denied that the heart was theirs. Each would say, “My heart hasn’t gone missing”. As the arrow continued the search, he noticed the heart was getting lighter, he did not know why; probably losing weight or he is gaining strength. As they passed by, someone asked, “How long have you been looking for the owner of that heart?”, but the heart did not reply, the heart did not need to. The heart just slowly moved back from the arrow, slowly, very slowly, until the heart is no longer pierced through the arrow; and so the heart moved on. 

The arrow who used to have a heart pierced through him tried to move on, but he was too heavy, and he was dragging himself down. The arrow could not understand why he felt heavier when he actually no longer had the load of carrying somebody’s heart. So the arrow tried to go back to his old, pointy life and everyday he would wake up feeling heavier than usual, but there was no heart pierced through him each time. So the arrow decided to be patient and just try to be the old arrow that he was, before he became the arrow with a heart pierced through him; so he can live normally again—and he did.

One day he just woke up feeling a little stranger than usual, the arrow woke up being tired of his pointy life again. Until he heard a question too familiar that it was not strange at all. “Excuse me but have you lost your heart?”, the arrow was surprised, it was the heart who used to be pierced through him—and there was no reply. The arrow and the heart didn’t need any.


I was 23 years old and was used to independent life and was so engaged with my passion – teaching. So engaged that I wanted to be the best in my field. Maybe not in the whole wide world but amongst my batch mates. I had goals – promotion at an early age, finished M.A Degree and start Doctoral Degree at 27. I travelled, wrote and read a lot too. My life seemed pretty much happy back then. Yes, I was the arrow,with a pointy life and knew which target to hit.

One day came a stranger. He was someone else’s heart. He was broken or maybe I was just thinking that way. I thought I might help in looking for the owner of this heart. And I did.  I carried this heart with me. I thought he was ruining my routine until I got used to his presence. You probably know what happen next but I’ll say it anyway. We got along together and did fall in love.

He made feel like my happy life is dull and boring. That it can even get exciting and colorful. We did the most exciting adventures ever. Those may never be as grand as the others, but those times were the happiest days of my life. He was there during the weakest points in my life. He was there too to celebrate my triumphs. But being a brittle arrow, I got tired of carrying this heart. The heart said though that there was no other arrow fit to carry him but me. However, I was breaking and the only thing to be able to stop it is to release him.

One day,I asked him to leave me and he understood it was also for me. Like the arrow in the original story, I feel heavier that I have no longer a heart to carry. But the crack needs to be healed. And to be healed I must endure pain.

When the time comes I was already healed and I would need a heart, maybe I would have him back as long as he still would want me.


I just copied the original story of “The Arrow with the Heart Piereced Right Through It” from


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