One Sentence for Those…

We all have those messages which we cannot tell straight to the face of the persons we intend to tell to. Even the most tactless people do have. Perhaps, they were too mushy or too painful,or maybe because they are too disrespectful. Sometimes, we are just too afraid to what will  be the reaction of the person who’ll hear it. Needless to say,the reasons are various.

This year there are list of things which I want to tell to many people,but always I feel like I don’t know how to do it, so let me just write about it, in hope that one day I will be able to say it directly. Let me condense them into one sentence so I will never have to consume too much space.

To my father

Sorry for all those pain I’ve caused during those past two years and I love you.

To my mother

I will never trade you for another mother even though I do not know how to show my appreciation.

To my siblings

I hope you were born earlier so you can spend your teenage life without the internet, because life is so much exciting back then.

To my former boss

So you think you can enslave me forever huh?

To my ex-boyfriend

Thank you for everything and I am really sorry that I am too strong to leave someone like you, who is so immature and needy.

To my ex-boyfriend’s mother

Yes, I am different from he other girls who your son loved because I am too smart to not see that you treated me so unfairly . (P.S Pakibayaran po yung utang n’yo.)

To my ex-boyfriend’s sister

You are such a user!

To my colleague,Ma’am Beth

Thank you is not enough.

To my bff

I hope you overcome your problems.

To my 2nd bff

You really married the wrong person and I hate him for ruining your life.

To my older sister

Know how to use your head please when it comes to love.

To my friend whose son is my “inaanak” (godson)

You are so picky and always complaining about the gifts I give your son, I really wish you won’t visit me for his gift this Christmas.

To Joana, who always ask me for love advice

You never really listen to my advice.

To my new colleagues

Never judge a person with appearance.

To my friend who has a good talent in befriending the powerful and rich

I wish I have your talent girl, because I learn my skills and talent is not enough to get me to the top.

To my boss now

Pansinin mo naman ako.

To my department head

How can you live everyday of your life while the whole school hates you?

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