From Ninang Eirene with Love


Here are my gifts to my godchildren (inaanak). I have eleven inaanak now. I always try to buy each of them so to be fair.  As much as possible also, I try to make the cost of each gift similar. Perhaps price is not a big issue. But to me who grew up poor, I found it unfair why most of the time, rich kids always get the more expensive gifts, which for a fact, are usually prettier and have higher quality than those cheap ones.

I remember those Christmas when my aunt would distribute the presents to all of her nieces. Everyone would excitedly open the gifts and many times, me and my siblings gifts were usually the simplest ones and the cheapest ones, basing it from the brands and the styles.Most of the times, we were just aware of the prices of the gifts. And because of that it is unavoidable that we felt  jealous. We were thankful for the gifts but we couldn’t help but compare. We were just kids after all.

My father was and is the poorest among his siblings. Our family was poorer back then. My sisters and I thought that we were treated based from our family’s status – because that was what we deserved, because we were used to hand-me-down and poor quality items and so it wouldn’t be bad to receive the same. I blamed myself and my family. I thought that if only we had better economic status, maybe we’d get better gifts. Maybe, life would be more fair.

Being an adult now, I have made it my philosophy to treat each of my nieces and godchildren equally special. Price is not a big deal but if I should give, I’d make sure no one would feel different or isolated.

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