My 2016 in Review

I did not write a list of goals for 2016 last year (2015). I only have one plan back then, to recuperate myself from all the wounds I got after being battered by problems which are the results of my wrong decisions. Perhaps, it was what they call the quarter life crisis. I was 25. My ex- boyfriend and I broke up. My parents are mad at me. My Post-Graduate study has been put into a halt, I felt I could not cope. I moved to another working place and it was aching to think all the people I left behind my former work place. I found it hard to adjust in my new working place.  My sister was busy studying for Bar Exam and I knew she would pass, while I was lost. I didn’t know how to pick up the shattered pieces of myself.

I was smiling on the outside, but whenever a day ended I sulked on my bed, wondering how my life was turned into a mess, so I told myself, “No goals for 2016. Just recuperate.” The only plan I had in mind to do for 2016 was to redeem myself. Each night I prayed that I be stronger, happier again. My Guardian Angel, the Universe and God heard me and gave me all the opportunities that could make me “happy” again. They left me with choices – to seize them or let them pass. Luckily, Robin Williams voice, shouting “CARPE DIEM!!!” would ring in my ears each time. Everything, turned out okay. Of course,there are few setbacks but I could say I am better than before.

Here are some of the good things that happened in 2016 that i want to cherish for the rest of my life (that is why I am writing them):

  1. I finished my research proposal. And I am one step closer to graduation!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  2. I have been back to hosting.
  3. Climbed some mountains despite the hectic schedules.
  4. I’m back to journalism.
  5. Found new friends. I knew they are for keeps.
  6. My sisters are becoming more awesome! My sister Rhea passed the Civil Service Exam and the qualifying exam for 3rd year Accountancy students. My ate Rj passed the BAR exam.Pearl got an award. Jan is second in rank in her school.
  7. I started my own business – Photobooth.
  8. I am improving in trading Stocks.
  9. I can listen to love songs without being teary-eyed again.
  10. I have an advisory class. They are not the worst. I’m such a lucky adviser.
  11. I am starting to have a voice in the school. I now can voice out my opinions easier than before. Although, I am not yet that comfortable.
  12. Didn’t left my province the whole year, but I have lots of FREE travels to neighboring towns.
  13. I am improving in photography. I guess?
  14. I feel so loved by the people around me. It just feels that the moment 2016 started, The love have been pouring in excessively.
  15. I found the man of my prayers. ❤






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