About the Blogger

Let me start off  with saying that nothing is so special about me and of this I am sure. Yeah right ,I am unique but being unique is different with being special. But since you have stumbled upon this blog and found yourself  wondering,intrigued, curious (or just found yourself clicking the “About the  Blogger”  page link) of who is the owner of this blog which posts sometimes suck and sometimes are interesting, let me then introduced myself to you.

My name is Irene- a teacher and a lover of words. My birthday is on May 17,1990. Do the math if you want to know my age.

I love reading,writing, surfing the net, watching movies, looking at stars and sweet foods.

Most of all, I love God and my Family.

Anything under the sun.

Dr. Susan Evangelista (Susan Potter is her maiden name.)She is my college professor in Creative Writing. She always give me a star in my outputs. I know in myself that I have a mediocre outputs but doesn’t  it feel good when somebody believes in you?  I got inspired really by her, knowing that she herself is a popular writer of books and stories.

I don’t often write. I usually have ideas in my head, but find it hard to start writing because of the busy nature of my work and sometimes because I just do not know how to put them in print. But every time my left brain hemisphere tells me to write and my right brain cooperates, I grab the opportunity.

Random Facts About Me

These posts will show you more of me:




21 thoughts on “About the Blogger

      1. sobra talaga kong natutuwa when I meet teacher-bloggers! haha. It’s only been a year since I started and I’ve known about five people here in the blogosphere who are teachers. Galing! Plus I’m guessing magkaka-age bracket pa! Nakanaks! Haypayb!
        Btw, I’m actually a “Sir”. Haha. 🙂

      2. sir pala..pacenxa na po…pag magaling kasi magsulat pakiramdam ko babae…napaka-prejudice ko di ba?hehe…Mag iisang-taon na rin nang simulan ko ang blog na to…nasa early twenties na po ako.kayo?

      3. more mature? older? ouch! haha. Joke. I’d take that as another compliment. Medyo mukhang seryoso nga ata ang intro ko sa yo. Hehe. You can visit my other blog (of course if you have spare time) para sa mga pautot at kawangakan posts ko. (Did I just do a shameless plug? Haha. Well, my other blog’s virtually dead. Tagal ko nang di naupdate.) Have a nice Friday, Ma’am Irene!

      4. Plugging is fine. I don’t mind it. I have visited the “other” blog you are saying, but I like the “poem” blog more.Not that I don’t like the other.I just love your poems ’cause I’m not good at it.

      5. Haha. Thanks. Naku I’m not any good at it, too. It was only recently that I actually ventured into poetry (and writing, at large). Na-trigger lang after several things that happened in my life. (haha. cheesy.) You write good stuff, too. I can sense optimism with your words. Tsaka yung pagiging masipag na teacher! Parang damang-dama ko how passionate you are with our “chosen life”.

      1. She was writing a blog 750. She is a lady from the Phillipines also.
        She liked your About page like I did. She is the smiley lady with the yellow/creme shirt on .

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