Calla Lily

if thy love is a calla lily pure and white as it can be then thy love shall be withered time would not guarantee Advertisements

The Wrong Girl

I was the wrong girl Who broke your heart whom you thought you would marry but I was so selfish enough to leave you I’d be the girl you’d tell your wife And the girl you’d tell your kids “I almost ended up with the wrong girl” Yes, I was the wrong girl who left … More The Wrong Girl

Reasons Why I Read

I Read… because it helps me forget my fear: of growing old, of the possibility of being alone, of being forgotten, of dying I Read… because it transports me to some places I cannot reach in real life, without necessary leaving  my chair or my bed I Read… because I want to write I Read… … More Reasons Why I Read

Conscience in Form

Last week, inside a multi-cab, as I was on my way to school, I overheard two young people talking about a scandal of two college students of a university in our town. Allegedly, there were 8 videos and each was taken in a different place. Apparently, somebody spread the videos and they have went viral … More Conscience in Form

PINOY OPO STYLE: nakakatawa pero nakakahiya pero totoo

Isa sa hindi ko gusto sa ugali nating mga pinoy ay iyong hindi marunong tanggapin ang sariling pagkakamali o pagkukulang. Iyon bang ‘pag sinabi sa yo na maiitim na kulay ang iyong balat magagalit ka kaagad. At pag sinabi na mas maganda ang gawa ng iba, ay sobrang pagtatampo ang mararamdaman. Kung iyon ba naman … More PINOY OPO STYLE: nakakatawa pero nakakahiya pero totoo